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Camacho Connecticut Reviews

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Camacho Connecticut Toro
"Mild smoke"
Unexpectedly mild smoke great burn and flavor
BMG in Atlanta October 20, 2014
Camacho Connecticut Robusto
"Exceptional Connie"
A unique Connecticut. Tons of hay and toast flavors. What some have described as peppery flavor I would describe as picante; roasted peppers and tomatillo. Not citrusy but with those same acidic qualities. Delicious. Neatly crafted. A few veins but nothing to get in a fuss about. Sharp burn. A real winner here.
Sam in NorCal March 19, 2014
Camacho Connecticut Robusto
"Slightly peppery Connecticut"
Peppery and harsh at first, got smoother by the end of the first third showing more Connecticut creaminess and white pepper all the way to the nub. 88 points.
Stefan in City by the Bay January 31, 2014
Camacho Connecticut Robusto
"Smooth Camacho Connecticut"
Great Connecticut -Surprisingly smooth for a Camacho. Notes of pepper and wood - but smooth - leaves a great aftertaste also. Not overpowering -reminds me of a Don Pepin Legado - but on the lighter side.
Tom Foster in Raleigh December 18, 2013
Camacho Connecticut Rob. Tubos
"Excellent to the nub"
I was pleasantly surprised by this little experiment. This robusto reminded me of everything I really like about the R%26J Bully. I always associated Camacho with stronger fare, and I prefer the mild-medium flavor sticks, but Camacho proved with this one that they can hang with the best of the mediums. I ll likely get more of these.
Mike in Benton, AR December 12, 2013
Camacho Connecticut Monarca
"Loved It"
This is was a wonderful smoke, hard to say more other then I want more! Just classy and fine with smooth taste and thick rich creamy clouds of smoke. I loved it, Wife loved it.
A.j. in WSMR September 17, 2013
Camacho Connecticut 60x6
"Excellent Mild Smoke."
Great construction, draw, and plenty of smoke. Nice mild, buttery flavor. Not spicy at all. Great if you like mild to mild/medium cigars. I will definitely buy again!
BMW in PA August 3, 2013
Camacho Connecticut Monarca
"Great cigar with balance and some spice"
I have really come to enjoy Connecticut smokes recently. I typically go for bolder cigars, but the combo of spicy filler tobacco and a milder wrapper are just great. Perfect burn with a great full draw. Overall excellent construction. Got this cigar in a med-bodied sampler last March.
Drudog21 in VA July 31, 2013
Camacho Connecticut Monarca
I tend toward mild cigars, and this is what it's about. Smooth, easy draw start to finish and very relaxing. Will want to keep these around.
jim in Minnesota September 30, 2011
Camacho Connecticut 60x6
Very good smoke. A Knuckle burner.
Rommel in Berkley, MA February 25, 2011
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