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Camacho Corojo Reviews

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Camacho Corojo Toro
An absolutely awesome smoke. One of my favorites of all time. If you're picky about the burn, construction, and appearance it might throw you off a little. Requires a bit of fussing to get it to burn even sometimes. The construction seems to be inconsistent. The corojo wrapper is very delicate. The taste is why I smoke cigars. These are bursting with rich complex flavors. I smoke 'em down to the nub every single time. They just smell and taste awesome. Every stick. If you love a rich complex smoke give them a try.
Will in New York September 25, 2014
Camacho Corojo Toro
"Honduran Powerhouse"
The 6x50 Camacho Corojo Toro is so hardcore I feel like I have to smoke it immediately or it s gonna beat me up and take my lunch money. Fortunately for me, they are sublime %26 heavenly smokes straight out of the box. I usually can t smoke them aged or not too far down past the 2-inch mark, as the body does get a bit overwhelming for a mild-to-medium devotee like myself, but the first two-thirds of this cigar are like nothing else on this earth. I won t bore you with the usual adjectives. You know them already. 8.9/10
N.I. in Jefferson March 5, 2014
Camacho Corojo Diploma
"Stale !!!!"
Stale Stale Stale. It also fell apart on me.
Dan in Kansas C ity January 11, 2014
Camacho Corojo Diploma
"Just Ok"
Just an ok cigar. Woody taste and premium tobacco. Burn, construction and draw was perfect but nothing in taste was special. Medium to full cigar.
Anthony in California January 4, 2014
Camacho Corojo Diploma
"Worth a try"
Pretty bland initially, but got interesting by the end of the first third, with woody notes finishing with toasty, sweet oak. Medium-strong. Leather kicked in on the second third. The tlast third was just oak, with the flavors and smoke diminishing as it got closer to the nub. It went off after the first half, and the draw became tighter too. The flavor profile reminded me of Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary, but milder. Very good white ash, and absolutely gorgeous, full smoke, albeit a bit strong smelling . Made me wanna eat something creamy and salty.
Stefan in City by the Bay November 7, 2013
Camacho Corojo Figurado
I got these on sale after seeing the 93 rating. After sitting in my humi. No f*** way a 93! or 6 months, I decided to give this stick a try. What a waste of $$. Pros: Very easy draw, full smoke, burns well Cons: Boring stick, somewhat harsh bitter taste on tip of tongue and palate, leathery flavor that is hidden. I do not feel more aging can further improve this meh low 80's stick.
Donald in Nor Cal September 21, 2013
Camacho Corojo Maduro Gigante 5 Pack
"Bring These Back to the Auction"
Finally, I had nearly two hours to read and smoke this great cigar. Premium tobacco, complexity that is unbelievable. Spices, sweetness, coffee and cherry notes. Absolutely one of the best 6x60 sticks I've ever smoke. I hope you guys put it up for auction again.
Bert Boyd in United States August 26, 2013
Camacho Corojo Figurado
What a cigar! It starts off soft but with plenty of cedar and sweet notes but what a powerhouse! It changes and becomes more intense but always remains smooth and wonderful. Also it's a complete afternoon to finish this one!
Adrian C. in Champlain, NY July 28, 2013
Camacho Corojo Figurado
"Great strong flavor, not overpowering."
Very good cigar! I must say I do not usually buy smokes touted as "strong". I do not like being stuck in a chair for 30 minutes after finishing my cigar but Because of the great rating and super low price I picked up a couple. What a wonderful experience. The rating was right on...90-93. What I liked best was that it stayed very consistent. I kept waiting for the harsh buzz and it never came. Just a great bold smooth flavor throughout. I logged on to buy more and decided to write my first review......and thankfully the Figurado is on a great sale.
Chad C. in Vacaville CA July 28, 2013
Camacho Corojo Monarca
"Grea taste, disappointing construction"
Delicious medium/full body taste. Wrapper unraveled around head on most of the 10 Tubos I tried. Uneven burn.
Robert J Harris in Florence July 25, 2013
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