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Camacho Corojo Reviews

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Camacho Corojo Machitos (8)
"Absolutely Fine"
Stronger than I'm used to. Spicy, peppery, leathery and woodsy. Dung? I'll go for that description, too. Great burn and consistently rolled.
Matt in NH June 28, 2013
Camacho Corojo Cetros
"Stronger Than Expected"
Labeled Medium, these are quite strong. Nice looking but try 5 before buying a box.
Hank in Forked River NJ February 16, 2013
Camacho Corojo Diademas
"Camacho at its' finest"
so.... always been a fan of Camacho. This particular cigar won me over to full-time Camacho. The best part, the length of time you get to smoke this bad boy. It almost makes you want to eat it...
Scott in Tampa January 18, 2013
Camacho Corojo Diploma
"New Brand New Favorite"
I don't get the time to enjoy an hour with a smoke all that often so I want it to be a great one when I do. I love the spicy taste of the smaoke, the full balanced flavor, abundant smoke, the aroma and the easy draw. It burned a bit unevenly which was a bit of a distraction. Last time I enjoyed a smoke this much was when I had a Cuban Cohiba my brother in law gave to me after he returned from an overseas trip.
SteveB in Ft Wayne January 15, 2013
Camacho Corojo Figurado
"Did I get a dud?"
With all of the high ratings here it would be easy to assume I had a dud, but I'll just lay out the issues I had with this stick. First of all the burn was very inconsistent; it took extreme diligence, several touch-ups, and nonstop puffing to maintain something resembling an even burn. Flavors were inconsistent too, with one puff hinting at complexity and deliciousness, and the next few puffs being downright harsh or unremarkable (perhaps attributable to the burn problems?). Like I said, the cigar did have some high points where its potential came out, but the puff-by-puff shifting of flavors from good to nasty was disconcerting. Can't recommend.
William in Illinois November 16, 2012
Camacho Corojo Toro
"Crazy Good Smoke"
This is by far one of the best Cigars I have smoked. Exceptionally smooth and an amazing coco finish that stays with you for a time! It is very consistant from start to finish. I have and will recomend this Cigar as amust in any collection!
Ryan in Fort Wayne, Indiana November 13, 2012
Camacho Corojo Diploma
EXCELLENT flavour.. Complex.. Diverse.. Truly a remarkable blend.. My favourite Camacho bar none... Spicy, floral and nutty at once.. and tr wrapper is just gorgeous.. The irony is that such a delicious, beautiful smoke burns so poorly.. Even after time in the humi, the ash is clumpy, burn uneven... I highly recommend this cigar.. but I also highly recommend Camacho fixing this problem in the finishing process.
Lenni in NYC November 2, 2012
Camacho Corojo Churchill
"Yes, Very Tasty."
Yes they are. The longer you age them the better they will get.
Lite Dave October 27, 2012
Camacho Corojo Monarca
"Great Taste"
I have some Rocky Patel in my humidors . And this is one I enjoy to smoke them most . It has to me a nice coffee taste that taste well and I'm not a coffee drinker ,,
Mike in New Jersey September 30, 2012
Camacho Corojo Monarca
"Nice smoke.."
Dark Chocolate with occasional hints of spice. Good smoke, a bit sweeter than expected of a corojo. Construction could be a bit better, but happy I tried these.
Lenni in NYC August 8, 2012
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