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Camacho Corojo Reviews

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Camacho Corojo Diploma
"Very nice but nice enough for the money"
This was a pleasure to smoke...up till the end. It was a powerful strong flavored tobacco with a slight sweetness. the finish however was very bad. the first half is nice. but the last half was pretty harsh. Nice head buzz but I will not be buying these again.
Ian in Columbus,Ohio April 27, 2012
Camacho Corojo Monarca
"My go to cigar"
I have smoked at least 10-20 of these and never was I disappointed. Whenever I'm not trying a new stick I always grab one of these.
Rod in Pa April 17, 2012
Camacho Corojo Figurado
"Not strong"
I've smoked many boxes off different Camacho Corojo and love the strength and flavor. This box was medium, not strong at all. Maybe the large gauge mellows the blend? I'll stick with toro size from now on.
Bnwink in Bismarck ND February 15, 2012
Camacho Corojo Gigante
"NoT worth the money sonny"
What a disappointment!!....this stick smells like a million bucks and once I sniffed her in the shop I couldn't wait to light her up.........and boy was I unhappy. Just a dull, boring smoke. No bite to her and harsh on my throat as I found myself reaching for a sip of my drink to calm my mouth and throat burn down. Don't waste your money.....instead go pickup a Gran Habano #5 and enjoy a better/way cheaper stick.
Bombdog2128 in Upstae NY January 11, 2012
Camacho Corojo Churchill
"Consistent Quality For Years"
Whoever says that they smoked a bad one of these must be extremely unlucky or the victim of a practical joke. For the last five or so years the Camacho Corojo Churchill has been my after dinner cigar. Out of the fifty plus boxes I have purchased, I haven't smoked one bad stick. Not one! If you like to smoke your cigars instead of throwing them in the trash, buy these and enjoy the best full flavored cigar for the money out there.
Mark in Richmond Virginia December 4, 2011
Camacho Corojo Gigante 5 Pack
"Good Taste"
If the wrapper would burn with the rest of this cigar it would be worth $10 a stick on taste alone,it doesn't so it 's worth about $3 or $4.Other sizes seem to burn a little better.Still a good cigar,just not as good as it could be.
Robert in Texas October 5, 2011
Camacho Corojo Cetros
"Small but what a ride!"
This small vitola packs ample Camacho flavor, strength and complexity. The Lonsdale size is ideal to capture the puro's flavor profile. Not too much filler to blast you away, one gets to feel what a maduro wrapper tastes like over a corojo filler. I was skeptical when I saw maduro wrapped corojo, but after all it's a CAMACHO! If anyone could do it they can! And did, in spades! Very full...a creeper. Eat first! Don't worry, you'll still get buzzed!!
Brent P in Kirkland, WA October 2, 2011
Camacho Corojo Diploma
Excellent, excellent smoke
Brent P in Kirkland, WA October 2, 2011 September 25, 2011
Camacho Corojo Churchill
"Good taste, but lacks consistency"
Nice medium bodied smoke, some very tasty flavors, but serious construction and quality control issues. 3 bad sticks in the first half of a box of 25, so 1 in 4 sticks smokes about 3 inches in and then won't draw or burn evenly. Extremely disappointing, it's like smoking cubans same issues. I can tell Davidoff has already left its mark on Camacho.
Ethan in Dallas, TX September 19, 2011
Camacho Corojo Nacionales
"Head Thumper"
If you're looking for a mild cigar,keep on looking.This cigar is strong but the flavor is great.The size is just right,if it was any bigger it might be too much,any smaller and it wouldn't be enough.The blend of ligero,corojo,and maduro is very good in my opinion.Warning - if you don't respect this cigar it will thump you upside the head.Enjoy
Robert in Texas July 13, 2011
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