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Camacho Criollo Reviews

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Camacho Criollo Robusto
"Great Price Performance"
I usually frown upon samplers I get for free. I've never enjoyed them. This is the first time I ordered a box after tasting a sampler. This time I just could not believe I got a winner. All around: Aroma before lighting, after lighting and throughout smoking it down to the end.
Tony in Houston, TX October 10, 2014
Camacho Criollo Toro
"Good but used to be better"
These replace the venerable Camacho Corojo my absolute favorite for 12 years. While the new owners retain the same basic taste the construction now leaves a lot to be desired. I have cut a few of these apart after having draw issues and have found 30% stems some 4 or more in length which explains poor burning and occasionally I get one that drips tar you can wipe it off the tip . But that said still a good smoke just wish the quality would return to previous level before Davidoff took over
Bob Clark in USA March 9, 2014
Camacho Criollo Corona
"Tasty but Fussy"
Flavor: white pepper, mild floral sweetness, factory-fresh tobacco, body/stregth balance. Highs: tantalizing blend, beautiful oily wrapper, plenty of tobacco. Lows: draw too tight, too many touch-ups needed. Best pairings: cognac, water, tea or light-roasted coffee. Consider storing at less than 70% for optimal draw and burn. It's predecessor was classic but this revamped version not there yet.
Tom C. in Los Angeles, CA February 9, 2014
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