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Camacho Triple Maduro Figurado Reviews [view details]

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"One nasty smoke!"
Horrible burn, constant relighting, bitter and sour low grade leaf. A total disaster and waste of money!! Shame on Camacho!!
Irv in Philly February 16, 2014
"Colossal Waste of Money!!"
What happened to this brand? The cigars are just awful, each and every cigar has a plug and is simply impossible to smoke! Dreadful bitter taste, I would say one if the worst cigars I ve tried in years. I feel ripped off and angry, these used to be wonderful full bodied smokes. Don t waste your money! Its such a labor and effort to try to smoke one, the best way to keep one lit is to just toss it in your fireplace! I smoked or attempted to smoke all the cigars in the box, some I could not even light or get a draw on but all were simply bad! I would rather have Te Amo Mauduros, at least their honest smokes! Even the free 5 pack Camachos could not be smoked because they were all rolled to A nearly solid stick!
Rick in Baltimore February 16, 2014
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10 Consistency 100
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10 Appearance 100
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10 Taste 100
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10 Construction 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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