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Cameroon 6 Pack #1 (3x2) Reviews [view details]

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"Good, but buy on sale"
Good if you haven't tried the Hemingway or these Cohiba's. The Nub's aren't worth it in general, just a mediocre cigar overall, but the Hemingway and Cohiba are both good cigars. The Hemingway is one of my top cigars. Good sampler, but buy it on sale.
Ben in New York March 11, 2012
"Okay at $25"
I was excited to get these but, when I opened up the package the first thing I saw was BOTH of the Nubs were cracked. One of them so bad it was worthless. I called Customer service and they said they will give me a credit for ONE. I'll be happy enough if they do that. Not sure I'd buy the pack @ $35 but, for $25, the cohibas alone are worth it.
J in SoCal November 2, 2011
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