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CAO America Bottlerocket (3) Reviews [view details]

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"America The Beautiful!!!!!!!!"
Just recieved my 3 pack. CAO has done it again! The BEST OF THE BEST. SEMPER FI!
Tommy in ohio November 11, 2010
"Fair taste. Poor burn!"
I won a 3-pack via auction and smoked all three during one week. They were difficult to keep lit and not up to the usual CAO standard!
Philip in Glendale, California March 23, 2010
"one of the worst"
I normally like CAO cigars, but don't bother with this one. Horrible draw, below average taste and I finally gave up after my mouth got tired trying to smoke this one.
Quaker in Reading, pa October 24, 2009
"the good and bad"
draw was great, the finish was incredible. had a graet cherry chocolate nut finish.the bad part was halfway down, the two types of wrappers were seperating !!! should of stuck to one wrapper.
aj in trenton,nj May 14, 2009
"Poor Draw"
Not much else to say with a draw like this.....
James G. in Cranberry Twp., PA April 24, 2009
I bought these to save for when I wanted a special cigar. I'm really glad I didn't have a time to share them, because I was pissed when I tried to smoke it. Looks great - nice presentation, attractive band and construction - problem is the thing is a lousy excuse for a cigar. Bland taste, won't stay lit, I only smoked half of it, then gave up and got one of my cheapies out of the humidor to try and erase the memory of this loser. I don't post negative reviews lightly. And I buy a lot of cigars through this site. This one really irritated me. For 8 bucks I expect a special cigar. This wasn't as good as the one dollar Famous Nicaraguans I bought last week, and wasn't a tenth as good as the less than two dollar Flor de Olivas I smoke every day. Total loser. Do not waste your time, or money on this.
RTS in Wyoming April 11, 2009
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