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CAO America Reviews

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CAO America Potomac
"Worst Ever"
It was the first CAO that I have smoked. The draw was horrible and taste very dissapointing. It had a very acrid/sour taste only able to be described tasting like an onion. I only smoked 1/4 of it and gave up.
Ryan in Ft. Worth, TX November 30, 2011
CAO America Potomac
"On Of My Top 5 Favorite!!"
I have visited the smoke probably 15-20 times. It has never let me down,I have loved it every single time. The construction is fantastic, the two tone wrapper is great. the draw is steady and consistent. the flavors come on string and steady and really develop. I love the nutty flavors. I would recommend this smoke to questions asked.
Dane in Houston November 2, 2011
CAO America Potomac
"Yes! Great smoke!"
Not that this cigar is all that strong. C'mon be a man. This is a very nice, creamy, smooth one half afternoon's cigar. Highly recommend this baby. Definitely will look for more like this if I can get them in a bundle again.
Lou in California October 24, 2011
CAO America Monument
"Great cigar, classy, smooth, and consistent."
One of my favorite cigars. Great taste, awesome feel and nice look to it as well.
Evan in Maine August 1, 2011
CAO America Monument
"Awesome full bodied cigar"
I had one of these on the forth of July, and was highly impress. It had a perfect burn, great draw, and awesome flavor through out. I would rate this as a 96 or higher....
Robert V in Alpharetta July 10, 2011
CAO America Potomac
"You don't mess with the USA..."
I'm writing this the morning of May 2, 2011. I was saving this five-pack for the fourth of July to share with friends and family at the lake, but I decided to light one up last night in celebration of Osama Bin Laden's demise. This is a serious cigar! You don't want to try to smoke this on your lunch break. This is more of a long, drawn out, this-will-take-half-the-afternoon kind of cigar. Bold and robust flavors come from this cigar that looks like it would be harder to draw from than it really was. I was worried about construction due to the pinstripes, but it never once wanted to unravel itself. All in all, great smoke, but not for the faint of palate. Like America, this cigar MEANS BUSINESS!!!
Ed in Paola Ks May 2, 2011
CAO America Monument
"One of the best values I've found"
I found this one early in my cigar-smoking experience and it still stands out as one of the best smokes for the price.
Jeff in Greenville, SC March 15, 2011
CAO America Constitution
"very nice"
its not often I smoke a cigar to the point that my fingers start to burn, I'll be passing these out next 4th of july
Val in esva March 9, 2011
CAO America Potomac
"cao america potomac..."
Cao doesn't make a bad cigar... America is more chocolate than coffee, very sweet, quite good... I prefer that little of added strength in the Brazilia, but throw ME out of bed... Don't get the "spicy" comment, these are quite smooth and mild for spice... great flavor...
ds in oregon January 9, 2011
CAO America Potomac
"Serious Cigar"
Don't let the barber pole wrapper or fourth of july looking label fool you . Great meaty cigar , superbly consrtucted ,let the ash get about 2" long and when it finally fell ,the end looked like it was cut with a laser, ez draw, great taste, if you could roll up a t bone steak and smoke it ,this is what it should taste like !
DrDogEnd in Albany NY December 13, 2010
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