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CAO America Potomac Reviews [view details]

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"You don't mess with the USA..."
I'm writing this the morning of May 2, 2011. I was saving this five-pack for the fourth of July to share with friends and family at the lake, but I decided to light one up last night in celebration of Osama Bin Laden's demise. This is a serious cigar! You don't want to try to smoke this on your lunch break. This is more of a long, drawn out, this-will-take-half-the-afternoon kind of cigar. Bold and robust flavors come from this cigar that looks like it would be harder to draw from than it really was. I was worried about construction due to the pinstripes, but it never once wanted to unravel itself. All in all, great smoke, but not for the faint of palate. Like America, this cigar MEANS BUSINESS!!!
Ed in Paola Ks May 2, 2011
"Serious Cigar"
Don't let the barber pole wrapper or fourth of july looking label fool you . Great meaty cigar , superbly consrtucted ,let the ash get about 2" long and when it finally fell ,the end looked like it was cut with a laser, ez draw, great taste, if you could roll up a t bone steak and smoke it ,this is what it should taste like !
DrDogEnd in Albany NY December 13, 2010
"bought 5 and wish I had bought a box"
without question this is a fantastic smoke. I tried one at a local lounge one day and bought a 5 pack but later wished i had just bought a box. great flavor and burn ....
Dustin B in New Jersey September 26, 2010
"On the mark"
The CAO America starts out with a nice blast of pepper and wood.. Leather makes an appearance then gives way to coco and coffee as the pepper fades but never says goodbye. The flavors shift nicely down the stick. The smoke is rich, creamy and chewy. Complex, delicious and a must try. .....93.
Cigarme in San Francisco, Ca. September 18, 2010
"A Excellent Smoke. No a Fantastic Smoke!!!!"
Bought 5 after reading about all the blends that make this one up. everything from the cool pinstripe wrap to the thick size was calling out this should be a great smoke. and what a treat it was.I could not put it down. smooth and complex, full of flavor and not heady at all. smoked 3 now and with each one I tell myself get a box. excellent construction perfect burn, a real beautiful cigar, a must try see for yourself..
Ken in Sammamish Washington June 30, 2010
"Very good Cigar"
I am fast becoming a fan of CAO cigars. Bought one of these from my local shop to try before buying a box. This particular cigar is a lot bigger ring gauge than I normally smoke. Cut fantastically. Pre-smoke draw was sublime with a very creamy-nutty flavor which stuck around through the entire stick. The taste was almost that of peanut butter. The second third picked up some very subtle leather and wood notes. The final third picked up the strength of all the flavors above. Had correct the burn a couple times, but nothing major. All in all I will be purchasing many more cigars in this line, just in a smaller ring gauge.
PathsOfDarkness in Utah May 24, 2010
"CAO brings it on!"
I have not smoked many CAO cigars, but I'm glad I gave this one a try. Since I smoked the America Potomac, all I want is more of them! I don't usually get all emotional about a cigar, but I can say I've been thinking about this one since I had her. I would like to see some more deals for this cigar so I can give her a home!
MadRobusto in New York March 15, 2010
"Best of the Best"
Fantastic smoke. Great taste from light on. This is one you won't soon forget.
Mark in Altoona Pa February 23, 2009
I was given one of these for a Christmas present. It was the first CAO that I didn't like. The draw was horrible and taste very dissapointing. I only smoked 1/2 of it and gave up.
quaker in Reading Pa January 7, 2009
thank you cao family for making this cigar and thank you famous for selling them I love the american flag on the label
jim in ny September 27, 2008
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