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Bella Vanilla Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"A little disappointed..."
The taste and smell were great. However, the draw was very poor. It also burned a little uneven. I'm sure it's a great cigar otherwise, and I just got a bad one perhaps?
Mike in Washington August 5, 2012
"The best cigar ever...."
I'm completely hooked....great burn, mild taste and the wife loves the smell as well!
Attila in Hillsborough April 4, 2012
"Great Taste All The Way Through"
I smoked one of these tonight for the first time and it was great tasting and great burning all the way through with a slight sweet flavor to it. This is going to be my quick everyday cigar.
Joe C in Star, Idaho November 24, 2011
"Its Glorious!"
Just as my summary says. Its Glorious. I believe I will smoke this down to the teeth. I did however have trouble keeping a straight line. Not a huge problem though
Ian in Columbus October 11, 2011
"what a great cigar nice taste"
nice burn with a great taste. will buy again
jackie in nc June 25, 2011
"Mild, Crisp, Great Tasting"
I smoke medium to FB maduros and FB robustos mostly. However, since I trust CAO to deliver a quality smoke, I took the plunge with this intriguing flavored smoke. Boy was I glad I did. It tastes like a primo cigar with a hint of sweetness just like I'd hoped. It is sweet to the lip due to the vanilla on the wrapper and throughout, however it is not artificial tasting like some of the flavored cheapoes I've sampled from the local liquor store. Moist, pleasant, feels crispy to the touch, like a hot eggroll fresh out of the oil, yet not flaky. It's draw is light and it burns well ( quicker than I'd like since i enjoy it so much ) and doesn't get hot until the last inch or so. No "running" or "canoeing" to speak of, either. I can fully inhale with pleasure. No harshnes or bitterness and it doesn't ammonia out towards the end and give me agida like some of the more fuerte maduro's do. I find myself having to resist the urge to smoke one of these daily since I'm not "Rico Suave", yet and need to be sparing. My favorite smoke now, period.
Skydog in Santa Clara, Ca November 17, 2010
"The best so far"
I've been looking for a good vanilla flavored cigar and have tried the Heavenly Vanilla,Tatiana Groovy Blue,CAO Bella Vanilla.The CAO is so far the best in all catagories.
Hokan in Lake Elsinore,Ca. October 2, 2010
"A Magical Robusto"
The CAO Bella Vanilla is the most magical cigar I have tasted. What I mean by that is that it changes flavor throughout the smoke. Now I know that its not good to have no consistancy but this cigar pulls it of well enough. First you get a very smooth sweet vanilla taste then you get a very spicy bold taste and then you can taste all the flavors put into the cigar. Its a wonderfull smoke and I recommend it over any other vanilla flavored cigar.
Blane in Pennsylvania July 5, 2008
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10 Burn (85) 100
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10 Taste (97) 100
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10 Construction (92) 100
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