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...everyday smoke.
MD in NJ September 30, 2012
"Good flavor, ashy draw."
Good flavor on the lips, good scent to the smoke. However, after the first 10 minutes, each draw would pull in ash. I'm not a fast smoker either. I've smoked three from the box so far, and have thrown all out after about 1/4 to 1/3 burn. I've noticed the ash doesn't stay on the cigar, and after maybe 1/8 inch collects it will fall off (no long filler?). Perhaps I got a batch that were poorly packed? It's disappointing, since they have such a nice flavor and aroma.
SM in Canton, MI October 13, 2009
"Excellent little cigar. One of my favorites."
Great little cigar, smooth and great tasting to the very end. A real treat to smoke at any time of day.
Robin in Port Coquitlam September 2, 2008
"A W E S O M E ! ! !"
These are truly one of my favorites! If you have not tried these, you are missing a treat! I'll be buying more of these soon.
Uncle Marcus in Little Rock June 6, 2008
"Eden's Preferred Smoke before the Fall!"
This was the preferred smoke in the Garden of Eden before the fall! I have tried many of the flavored cigars and believe this to be head and shoulders above the rest. One can smoke multi-extract flavors, but some are really cheezy tasting and leave a confusing thought after the smoke is done. This is a quality cigar with the simpleness of one of the most awesome and highest in quality Vanilla extracts added. With Bella Vanilla Tubos This cigar is smooth, ....and relaxing in taste. A pure joy to smoke! Best regards, ---- Gary Hawk
Gary Hawk in Monmouth, IL. March 8, 2007
"The best tasting cigar Around"
This is one of the best flavored and smooth cigars around, Just wish that CAO would make one in a chocolate flavor, I am sure it would be great.
The R's in Michigan December 3, 2006
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