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CAO Brazilia Amazon Reviews [view details]

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"Fantastic Smoke, Great Flavor, One of Best!!!!!"
Fantastic Smoke, Great Flavor, One of the Best For Money. You can't go Wrong!!!
Rick in Albuquerque, NM June 15, 2008
"One of the Best"
I bought a box of these on auction and boy am I glad I did. This is one of the absolute best full flavored cigars I have tasted. I smoked one right of out of the box with no humidor aging and wow... I can't believe how good. I wish I had bought two boxes.
The Body in Forty Fort, PA March 26, 2008
"Enjoyable Smoke..."
While this is an enjoyable smoke with notes of light leather I was expecting more from this full bodied cigar. Not to say that it was not a smooth smoke with an even burn and it held its ash very well , I was expecting something else. I will have to give it another shot and this time try it with some Remy Martin VSOP, my drink of choice. The cigar mellowed somewhat about half way through and was enjoyable. 6.5/10
Matt in Burlington, KY February 20, 2008
"Quality cigar"
Start to finish everything about this cigar is quality, try it you'll like it.
Ed in northeast pa November 20, 2007
"Excellent smoke!"
What a full body cigar should taste like! This is one of my favorite smokes. It burns well, plenty of smoke, and flavor. This is my favorite out of all of the CAO's. The Italia is good too, but the Brazilia has the best flavor. It's good all the way down to the nub, don't burn your fingers. For the full body aficionado, you will enjoy this cigar.
SR in CA October 15, 2007
I had read some reviews on this fine cigar a year ago and decided that I wanted to try one. I was initially taken aback by the taste, aroma and flavor...but after half a stick I began to 'smile' as each puff and exhalation was VERY enjoyable. This fine stick burns evenly and I agree with another reviewer that you smoke it to the very end and enjoy ever delectable inch!
Randall Gowett in KS July 18, 2007
"This girl is tall and mighty."
What a punch this sweetheart packs! And this ring gauge is a jawbreaker, to boot. I started with Gol!, couldn't get enough and stepped up to Amazon. She's everything a maduro should be dark and mysterious. Sneaks up on you and knocks you flat. If you don't burn your fingers on this one you don't like cigars!
Halftrip in Los Angeles, CA February 28, 2007
"Good Personality"
This one has a good personality. Some of the other high end smokes are just too perfect; but this one was willing to take some chances. It is a strong one. I smoked it all the way down and had a smile on my face after finishing it. It's worth a try if you can get it on sale.
Nightjoe in Sagle, ID May 25, 2006
"Everything a Big, Bold Cigar should be!!! Superb"
I've been smoking good cigars for about a year and have found the CAO line wonderful over all. When I couldn't find any more MX2's around, I started trying their other cigars. Every one of the full size cigars are great with wonderful aroma and flavor in the Brazilia line. The large ringsize just makes it that much better right down to where you'll want to smoke it, the NUB!
AP N in Central TX May 15, 2006
"My favorite cigar"
Although I have found that the Maduro LaFloridita Toros or Belicoso is my favored everyday smoke, when ever I feel like splurging, these are the best cigar I have found in 40 years of cigar smoking. I am not skilled enough with words to describe them.
Randall M in Wisconsin November 9, 2005
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