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CAO Brazilia Cariocas (5) Reviews [view details]

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"Wonderful smoke for a short time"
If you don't have long to get in a rich full smoke, this little honey will make it happen.
R. E. in Fort Worth, TX July 7, 2010
"Too difficult to draw."
While the appearance and taste is good, the draw is too difficult. I really enjoy a short smoke and have found many excellent cigars to choose from. The CAO Maduro is one of my favorites but the Brazilia is so difficult to smoke that it leaves my lips hurting.
J. Gorman in Georgia December 16, 2009
"Nice "dark" flavor, very tough draw"
I loved the mix of sweetness (from the wrapper I guess, which is a very dark oscuro color, which mottled somewhat over time) mixed with the full flavor and only slightly spicy cut. But the amount of tobacco and rolling technique means that the draw is characteristically VERY hard on these cigars, clogged on some, and I like a firm draw. Maybe they need to be aged more and dryed out for an hour prior to smoking. Definitely not for someone who wants an easy draw with lots of smoke.
Madrok in April 10, 2009
"Best value cigar of all"
Same high quality, great taste as it's robusto equivalent but great if time does not permit. Will never go back to a bundle cigar knowing these are available for less that the typical bundle price.
Mad Duro in Grand Blanc MI January 31, 2009
The CAO Brazilia Cariocas are smooth perfect and a good quick smoke.
John in Philly PA December 25, 2008
"Very disappointing"
Nice appearance, average to good construction, fair burn, too tight draw, absolutely no taste (well, not true, tastes like floor sweepings), save your money-not worth the effort.
Bimmerman in MI August 13, 2007
"Outstanding medium to full flavored cigar"
I have tried about a dozen miniature cigars and the Brazilia is by far the best I've tried. The cigar is full of flavor, burns consistent, and lasts close to 30 minutes. I think the Cariocas have a better flavor than the full size Brazilia.
John P. Jones in South Carolina January 4, 2007
"Big Flavor in A Little Cigar"
I really enjoyed these little cigars! I have found my new favourite mini cigar for after dinner or those times when I'm in the mood for a powerhouse flavor cigar but don't have much time. It actually smoked longer then most cigars of this size. I actually spent close to 30 minutes smoking one, so the price per tin of 5 is pretty darn good. Probably not for new smokers or ones looking for a mild smoke.
Eric D. in Maryland October 8, 2006
"Big cigar flavor in 20 minute smoke"
Anyone who has trouble getting these to deliver a terrific volume of toasty coffee hinted smoke is keeping them too moist.
Michael in North Port, Florida May 26, 2006
"Not CAO's Best"
I recently purchased a tin of these. I gave up on smoking 3 of them because they were just wrapped too tight and had 0 draw. The other two were just too harsh in a small size. I liked the flavor and body in a larger ring cigar, but no good in the mini
Scott in Holland, PA April 4, 2006
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