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"Simple & Smooth"
Great construction for a smaller cigar. Burns evenly and has a great mild taste. Inexpensive smoke, great for the 40-60 minute drive to/from work.
Chase in Albuquerque May 1, 2014
"Mediocre smell, Fantastic flavor."
This is my favorite small cigar for the time being. It's scent is ok, but the flavor is outstanding. There is no sweeter cigar that hasn't been dipped in glucose. No draw issues out of the ordinary and I buy the 50 packs.
AB in Fairfax July 27, 2013
"Let em sit."
Bought a tin in early winter for a quick lunch break smoke. The flavor and aroma were nice but really tight draw. However, now that they've been sitting in my humidor for six months they smoke like a dream and produce copious amounts of smoke. I'll definitely be investing in a few more tins.
JD in Palmdale, CA June 13, 2013
"Tastes as good as the Gol! No problems with draw."
I bought a tin of these instead of buying a couple of the Gols like I usually do and I was pleasantly surprised that the draw was so good for a small ring and the taste was true to the Gol size. I'll be buying these for my daily smoke because they're just enough cigar for one sitting and I'm spending less money.
Jon in Portland Oregon February 13, 2013
"Stick with full sized"
Don't get me wrong, Brazilia's are brilliant cigars. But smaller sizes suffer, and this was no exception.
Ian in FL October 28, 2011
These are very tasty and have a nice, dark aroma, but the reviews complaining about the tight wrap are true. I let them sit for a month in the humidor before smoking them, or if I must have one, I use a dart to open the end and perforate it in about an inch, sometimes 3 times. That's the only way to enjoy them if they have not had time in a lower humidity environment. Other than that, they really are a nice, leather/pepper/warm jungle richly flavored smoke for a good price.
Barba in Seattle April 25, 2011
"Bad draw"
They look good and have good reviews, but the draw on them is the worst I've had in a long time. Smoked two and both barely draw. Maybe a bad lot. But I won't smoke the others.
Tom Ruffolo in California November 13, 2010
"Waste of money"
These were the worst small cigars I've ever smoked. They were wrapped so tight when I took a draw it felt like the top of my head would cave in. I don't recommend these small cigars to anyone.
George in Santa Rosa, CA October 3, 2010
"great short smoke for work"
I like the Brazilia go so much that I went ahead and ordered 50 of these for work. These are great small cigars that I have not had a single problem with so far. They are very satisfying short smokes with tons of flavor. I tried some cigarillos that just went way too fast and always left me wanting more but this does the trick. I will always have some of these in my travel humidor.
Dustin B in New Jersey September 26, 2010
"Great flavor, great price, quick smoke."
Really great smoke. My first cigar (and smoke ever). It has a good woody taste that just sticks. Great for those times of pondering or socializing. Lasts as short as 15 mins and as long as 30 minutes.
Ray in Arizona July 27, 2010
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