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CAO Brazilia Reviews

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CAO Brazilia Minis (20)
CAO Brazilia Mini 20 has a lot of smoke. This mini cigar has loads of flavor of coffee and pepper and they are strong. If I was blind folded I would swear I was smoking a full size cigar.I will order more. Great 5 min smoke!
gloria in michigan June 12, 2013
CAO Brazilia Gol !
"I Loved the thing!"
I got it in the #35 Buyers Guide sampler. Wow, it was good. It burned smooth and for a long time.
David in Atlanta May 27, 2013
CAO Brazilia Gol !
"Good but not worth hunting down"
This cigar is pleasant and pretty. For something considered full, I didn't get that as much till near the end. Up till then a mild-medium experience. Every once and awhile would get some spice which was nice but not overpowering and I wanted more of it. Never bitter or harsh except when correcting minor burn issues. Also kept picturing pine trees when smoking, weird huh? A good cigar if it can be had at a decent price, but not sure I'm going to purposefully hunt these down again.
Jason in Dixon, IL May 23, 2013
CAO Brazilia Corcovado
"Very Enjoyable Smoke"
Wow, a very enjoyable smoke from CAO. I was not too sure about this stick simply because I had found many maduro wrappers not for my liking. However, this little fella was a real power house. Very please. GREAT construction and draw. Taste had hints of coffee and the Nicaragan flavors I have grown to desire. 5 Star smoke. Highly recommend.
Tony Mc in Texas May 5, 2013
CAO Brazilia Minis (20)
"2 whole minutes of wow."
2 minutes worth of some of The most fantastically rich and sweet 2 minute smoke I've had. They easily mold at slightly elevated humidity levels.
A.B. in Fairfax April 27, 2013
CAO Brazilia Gol !
" tast at all"
Have let these stogies sit in the humor for two months. These cigars had no taste whatsoever. Not sweet not bitter not spice not anything at all just smoke out of my mouth.
steveo in Illinois February 24, 2013
CAO Brazilia Cariocas (5)
"Tastes as good as the Gol! No problems with draw."
I bought a tin of these instead of buying a couple of the Gols like I usually do and I was pleasantly surprised that the draw was so good for a small ring and the taste was true to the Gol size. I'll be buying these for my daily smoke because they're just enough cigar for one sitting and I'm spending less money.
Jon in Portland Oregon February 13, 2013
CAO Brazilia Samba
"If you like a strong pepper bite on your tongue"
Well got these in a sampler, was expecting alot out of this cigar because of the reviews. Wanted more flavor out of the stick. To me the only thing that got more intense was the pepper, and im not much a a pepper guy, felt like someone pepper sprayed my tongue.Burn was flawless, however it required 1 touch up toward the end, but otherwise razor sharp. Draw was very nice, and so was the construction, a beautifully made stick just not for me.
Jonathan in San Diego December 17, 2012
CAO Brazilia Minis (20)
Eve in Milwaukee November 15, 2012
CAO Brazilia Gol !
"Fully enjoyed this smoke"
I may be a neophyte with cigars, but this was an awesome smoke. All the way to the end, it was smooth, velvety and a true pleasure to enjoy. I will definately be putting some of these into the box.
Tom in Milford, CT August 19, 2012
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