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CAO Brazilia Gol ! Reviews [view details]

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"Nice Strong Cigar"
The burn, consistency, and full-bodied taste are fantastic. While I will take a chance and buy again, the previous 5-Pack I received were cracked around the wrapper, right beneath the label.
in February 12, 2014
"Construction Issues"
As far as taste, burn, appearance and draw go this cigar scores well, however the construction needs improvement. The outer leaf on this cigar is very thin and I ve had a few crack and split during the 2nd third which can really ruin a otherwise enjoyable cigar
Chris in Orange County, NY November 27, 2013
"...nice to the end..."
I ve tried this brand in a sampler and this time got a box. Not disappointed. It s a well constructed and flavourful cigar - lots of smoke to let the anti cigar people know you re there! The pre-light draw is nice as is the aroma. Burned without a flaw and the price is excellent.
Joe from Ottawa in Ottawa November 3, 2013
"Was Not Impressed"
Nothing really grabbed me on this one and the last third was a bitter end.
Mr. Blues in Central MN October 8, 2013
"Only Once"
Tried it as part of a sampler pack. Wouldn't try it again. I'm usually for second chances, not for this one.
hiroshi in September 26, 2013
"Not Worth It."
Not that good. Had better for the money, poor taste.
in September 22, 2013
"Bad Construction"
I've smoked several of these cigars and more than half of them has had bad construction. Wrapper tears easily and during the first quarter of smoking, it would crack. Although everything else is almost excellent.
GMD in US August 12, 2013
I got this in a Famous sampler and unfortunately it's probably the worst cigar experience I ever had. I chose to smoke this stick first out of the 80+ cigars I ordered because it had a beautiful look, feel, and aroma. On cut/light up I first used a punch, checked the draw and it was like I didn't even do anything to it at all. I went ahead and did a straight cut, checked again and it barely improved. I went ahead and lit it up to see if it could open up a little after a few puffs. It's DIDN'T. The aroma and taste (the little bit of smoke I did get) was nice. After I ended it, I cut it open and this thing was basically twigs wrapped in binder. I'm going to assume I just got a bad stick, but I'm not willing to order more in order to find out. I was shocked considering how well reviewed this stick is, and also because of how nice it appeared to be constructed.
Joe in Pittsburgh July 6, 2013
"I Loved the thing!"
I got it in the #35 Buyers Guide sampler. Wow, it was good. It burned smooth and for a long time.
David in Atlanta May 27, 2013
"Good but not worth hunting down"
This cigar is pleasant and pretty. For something considered full, I didn't get that as much till near the end. Up till then a mild-medium experience. Every once and awhile would get some spice which was nice but not overpowering and I wanted more of it. Never bitter or harsh except when correcting minor burn issues. Also kept picturing pine trees when smoking, weird huh? A good cigar if it can be had at a decent price, but not sure I'm going to purposefully hunt these down again.
Jason in Dixon, IL May 23, 2013
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10 Consistency (87) 100
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10 Draw (90) 100
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10 Appearance (95) 100
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10 Taste (92) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (90) 100
Poor - Excellent

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