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CAO Brazilia Minis (20) Reviews [view details]

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CAO Brazilia Mini 20 has a lot of smoke. This mini cigar has loads of flavor of coffee and pepper and they are strong. If I was blind folded I would swear I was smoking a full size cigar.I will order more. Great 5 min smoke!
gloria in michigan June 12, 2013
"2 whole minutes of wow."
2 minutes worth of some of The most fantastically rich and sweet 2 minute smoke I've had. They easily mold at slightly elevated humidity levels.
A.B. in Fairfax April 27, 2013
Eve in Milwaukee November 15, 2012
"One of the best cigarillos on the market!"
Very rich tasting with a hint of spice. Excellent short smoke when you don't have time for a full stick.
in April 9, 2011
"Love 'em"
Excellent tiny stick. Hard to find a cigar this small that smokes this well. Spicy, almost citrus here and there...
R'dawg in North Carolina March 15, 2011
"ok for a quick smoke"
I recently purchased these and the Davidoff ones. I am a regular cigar smoker and thought these may be nice to fill the void during the work day... Well- first off, these are made in the same factory in Denmark as the Davidoff ones.. these aren't bad- but aren't good either, i hated the Davidoffs, just way too mild for my taste. This was a bit better. I just don't think I'm a cigarillo type of guy. Luckily my father enjoys them so I can give them to him. I wont mind enjoying one of these with my coffee- the next challenge will be to find another tiny smoke... maybe the Arturo Fuentes?
Aaron in Little Neck, NY October 7, 2010
"Very good smoke for short break."
Cigar burned just right, not too fast, not too slow. Very white ash, spicy, left no bitter aftertaste. Very nice little cigar indeed!
TK in S.C. August 12, 2010
"Incredible spicy flavor"
Incredible spicy flavor
Tony in Richmond, VA July 1, 2008
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