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CAO Cameroon Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"Not too bad"
Milder than I expected. I'll buy more.
Northcoast Wino in Ohio May 18, 2008
"A Great Cameroon!!"
I really love this cigar from it's box press shape the consistant draw and constuction. I only wish that Nick P. would have such consistancy with his own brand.
Ed D. Harvey in Seattle, WA April 12, 2005
"Great Taste, tight draw"
A rich, smooth, full flavor that ranks up there with the best, but the draw seems consistently tight. I suspect the box press shape accounts for that, and I note some other reviewers commented on it as well. That is a definite "draw-back" (sorry), but the rich flavor makes up for it. Let them age in your humidor and they loosen up a bit if the tight draw bothers you.
Phil in Eugene, OR March 18, 2004
I have had this in my "select" humidor for 2 months and finally fired it up. A nice looking,smooth,cigar with a flakey ash,easy draw, and starts mild building all the way to full bodied. A bit dry with a taste of cedar and some coffee. A rather short finish for such a full flavored cigar. At $7.50 i think i can do better with an Ashton VSG. I dont mind a box press BUT this is a full trunk press making it flat. Dont care for that.
WAYNE in Tampa May 14, 2001
"Quickly became one of my favorites"
CAO has done an excellent job with this cigar. It has a very solid construction, and the Cameroon wrapper makes a fantastic companion with the Nicaraguan filler. Ordinarily, I shy away from Cameroon, but I was pleasantly surprised when I had this one. Smooth from start to finish, with a very easy draw. And the bouquet... wonderful. The only thing I didn't like was that it didn't burn as evenly as I'd hoped. (But, that could be due to my poor cigar lighting skills). And the ash was a little flaky. Still, minor details considering all this cigar has going for it. It definitely ranks as one of my personal favorites.
Raymond M. in Birmingham, Alabama September 15, 2000
"Very plesant surpirse"
A local tobacconist suggested I try one of these. Was I impressed! This is great smoke! Wonderful after dinner company for an evening on the porch. I highly recommend it.
Steven in Providence, RI August 30, 2000
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10 Taste (91) 100
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10 Construction (89) 100
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