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CAO Cameroon Reviews

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CAO Cameroon Robusto
"Good Cigar"
A good cigar. Even burn, pleasant aroma with creamy smoke and a little nutty taste. Draw was a little tight but not that bad.
Anthony in California June 4, 2013
CAO Cameroon Robusto
"Unimpressed - ultra-tight draw, one-dimensional"
Fired up this stick one evening with a nice port. Looks nice, smells nice, was expecting a fine smoke. A couple of matches and she was perfectly lit. Super tight draw made me work hard at every draw. Flavors are good, but one-dimensional ... lots of coffee, maybe a little chocolate. Honestly, the draw was so tight, I could not enjoy this cigar. I'll pass on this one.
brobes in Agoura Hills, CA September 30, 2012
CAO Cameroon Robusto
"Holy CAO!!!"
This stogie was part of the Famous medium body sampler L. Nice, mellow smoke - thoroughly enjoyed it.
USMC Airborne in Grand Rapids, MI July 15, 2012
CAO Cameroon Robusto
"The perfect morning two cups of coffee cigar"
The perfect morning two cups of coffee cigar, excellent 30 to 40 minute burns. Mild but great taste and at 4 bucks a stick, what a bargain.
Billy in Tenkiller lake July 5, 2012
CAO Cameroon Robusto
"great cigar"
I had this stick in my humidor for a year and it paid off, this is a great smoke from start to nub. I cant wait for my next one.
rod in Pennsylvania June 3, 2012
CAO Cameroon Toro
Great smoke. Couldn't believe the price either. Just finished the first of the box. Fresh and delecious.
Eric in New Jersey April 30, 2012
CAO Cameroon Robusto
very good cigar
sam in fl February 1, 2012
CAO Cameroon Robusto
"Excellent mild cigar with rich aroma"
I just enjoyed one of these with a late morning cup of coffee. Very mild cigar which would be excellent for beginners. I noticed a chocolatey aroma which was pretty steady throughout. Only minor issue I had was the peeling of the cap right after I cut it. It wasn't too bad and certainly didn't ruin the smoke. Burn only became uneven for a short time but corrected on its own. Great cigar, as are all CAO cigars I've experienced.
Andy in Tampa, FL January 31, 2012
CAO Cameroon Small Cigar (5)
"As a fan of small cigars, this one made the team."
It's a medium bodied creamy smoke with developing flavors that go from subtly sweet, spicy, and nutty to a more intense leathery sweetness with more complex spiciness. The aroma is so enchanting you will want to leave it on your clothes and fingers.
Otto in Fairfax, VA October 26, 2011
CAO Cameroon Napoleon
Got these at a great price. Had at least 5 that were too tight no draw, the others were great.
charlie b in long island ny June 8, 2011
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
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