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CAO Cameroon Reviews

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CAO Cameroon Napoleon
Got these at a great price. Had at least 5 that were too tight no draw, the others were great.
charlie b in long island ny June 8, 2011
CAO Cameroon Belicoso
"Smooth, full taste, medium body..."
Silky smooth essentially cameroon essence taste. Slightly sweet, will an oak, coffee bean, cocoa, draw and aroma. The Nicaraguan tobacco gives it the slight spice and oily mouth feel. Long ash, straight burn what more could you ask for in a cameroon. One of my favorite sticks and, if it burnt like a Hemingway would by far be my favorite cameroon.
John Q. in Montgomery, AL May 11, 2011
CAO Cameroon Napoleon
"Just one great little cigar"
Can't wait to smoke my next one!
John Q. in Montgomery, AL May 11, 2011 April 29, 2011
CAO Cameroon Napoleon
Sooo bummed. Good looking cigar in the picture. I made an impulsive decision to purchase based on my experience with other CAO cigars. Poor construction, really harsh taste, can't even finish the bugger. In general very disappointing. I don't know what to do with them now. Not even worth the deep discounted price. Too bad I have had great experiences with their other cigars. Oh well.
brandon in Chico CA April 26, 2011
CAO Cameroon Napoleon
"Great Little Cigar"
Just happened to see what a great price these cigars were. Tried a box, not yet finished but purchased another to make certain I had them at the ready.
gerard w. in brentwood, ca April 22, 2011
CAO Cameroon Robusto
"Gourgeos lighter body smoke"
I just had my first CAO Cameroon last night and it was wonderful. Slightly sweet, easy smoking with a fine draw and great burn. The only problem was the initial lighting. I really had to fight it, but once it got going it self-corrected and burned beautifully to the ring!
Arturo Z in Chicago, IL April 10, 2011
CAO Cameroon Robusto
Tried one of these as part of a Cameroon sampler. First one I've liked.Smooth draw,great taste, well constructed. A good, long, satisfying smoke. Will definitely buy more of these.
Ted in New Jersey March 17, 2011
CAO Cameroon Robusto
"My Favorite - Bar None"
The CAO Cameroon Robusto is my favorite - always a superb draw, a fine burn and gets better the longer it's smoked. Definitely the way to go...
JCB in Houston March 8, 2011
CAO Cameroon Robusto
"Smooth, even, consistent"
Ordered a 5 pack from cigarmonster, was pleasantly suprised. Hint of spice, perfectly even burn with full bodied smoke. About a 60 minute smoke to the finish, 90 to the nub. Does develop a slight note of bitterness if smoked to the nub.
Don in Spokane, WA November 9, 2010
CAO Cameroon Robusto
"Very strong smoke"
This says it's a medium body cigar? I disagree, this is a very strong smoke, with a deep spicy and nutty flavor. This is really a full body cigar. I did enjoy it.
Bill in PA October 6, 2010
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