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CAO Cameroon Reviews

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CAO Cameroon Robusto
Definitely one of the best tasting CAO cigars I have had. The flavor had a sweet and leathery taste to it with just a little bit of spice. The smoke was thick and a very easy draw. I smoked one out of a sampler I received and loved it. I bought a 5 pack. I smoked one and gave one to my friend. He does not smoke often and he really enjoyed it. And second time around from a different batch was just as good as the first. Smoking a 3rd this past weekend at a wedding it was just as good. Consistent, easy draw, even burn, lots of smoke. A must try
Doug in Pittsburgh October 4, 2010
CAO Cameroon Belicoso
"Great smooth medium cigar"
I got just one of these in a CAO champions box as a gift. This one burned very even with a nice draw thru out. It was a very nice medium cigar and will absolutely be in my favorites for one of my next orders
Dustin B in New Jersey September 26, 2010
CAO Cameroon Belicoso
Smoked this last night - straight out of the box, no aging - I am still thinking about that smoke 24 hours later. The best way to describe this is mild intensity. If you enjoy mild, but complex cigars, this is your stick. Loved it!
Charles in New York September 14, 2010
CAO Cameroon Petites (10)
"Construction suffered badly this year."
I've been smoking the Petites for years. It has been a great 20 minute smoke. This year's shipments have been a disappointment. A majority of them arrived wrapped too tight at the butt. This made the draw almost impossible. I hope they get this fixed, but I've change brands for now.
Tom in Henderson, NV September 8, 2010
CAO Cameroon Robusto 5 Pack
"awsome cigar"
this cigar is one of my favorite it taste awsome draw is excellent and burns great you get what you pay for i highly recommend this cigar
joe in new jersey September 4, 2010
CAO Cameroon Belicoso
This toro sized cigar did not want to come out of the cello and the band came off in the process ripping the wrapper. There was more glue on the wrapper than the band! The cigar felt too soft, the burn was irregular and the flavor from beginning to end was that of wood. I don't see how this cigar was rated so highly.
B Howard in California August 17, 2010
CAO Cameroon Belicoso
The CAO Cameroon Belicoso is very smooth and a pleasant experience. One of the best cigars I have found so far and now they will always be stocked in my humidor.
Jim in Wellington, CO July 2, 2010
CAO Cameroon Belicoso
"Moved into my top 5 list!"
I tried one of these for the first time last night as part of a 5 pack sampler and boy am I glad I did! I was dissapointed at first by the appearance of the wrapper and apparent poor contruction as compared to the CAO Cx2's but as the addage goes "never judge a book by its cover"! Once lit this thing drew a thundercloud of rich smoke and an awesome aroma throughout the whole smoke...even my wife commented possitively on the aroma. There is something to be said about camaroon wrapped cigars and this CAO version does not disappoint! Burn was a little uneven and the ash was not very tight but the flavor and aroma quickly overcomes those short comings! This is now one of my favorites and I will definately be buying a box in the near future. Another great CAO creation.
Aaron in Atlanta GA April 24, 2009
CAO Cameroon Robusto
"From the first puff...it's way too harsh"
Bad after taste & harshness is what comes to mind when I think of this cigar. With liking the quite a few of the other CAO's (Criollo, Bazilia, Maduro, Mx2 & Gold), I was surprised this wasn't one of them.
Henry in Oak Forest August 18, 2008
CAO Cameroon Corona
"OH MY!!! Smooth and delicious"
I just finished my second one from a 5 pack I'm about to oder a box
Mark in Eagan July 26, 2008
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