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CAO Cameroon Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"My Favorite - Bar None"
The CAO Cameroon Robusto is my favorite - always a superb draw, a fine burn and gets better the longer it's smoked. Definitely the way to go...
JCB in Houston March 8, 2011
"Smooth, even, consistent"
Ordered a 5 pack from cigarmonster, was pleasantly suprised. Hint of spice, perfectly even burn with full bodied smoke. About a 60 minute smoke to the finish, 90 to the nub. Does develop a slight note of bitterness if smoked to the nub.
Don in Spokane, WA November 9, 2010
"Very strong smoke"
This says it's a medium body cigar? I disagree, this is a very strong smoke, with a deep spicy and nutty flavor. This is really a full body cigar. I did enjoy it.
Bill in PA October 6, 2010
Definitely one of the best tasting CAO cigars I have had. The flavor had a sweet and leathery taste to it with just a little bit of spice. The smoke was thick and a very easy draw. I smoked one out of a sampler I received and loved it. I bought a 5 pack. I smoked one and gave one to my friend. He does not smoke often and he really enjoyed it. And second time around from a different batch was just as good as the first. Smoking a 3rd this past weekend at a wedding it was just as good. Consistent, easy draw, even burn, lots of smoke. A must try
Doug in Pittsburgh October 4, 2010
"From the first's way too harsh"
Bad after taste & harshness is what comes to mind when I think of this cigar. With liking the quite a few of the other CAO's (Criollo, Bazilia, Maduro, Mx2 & Gold), I was surprised this wasn't one of them.
Henry in Oak Forest August 18, 2008
"my first and last cao camaroon"
Im not sure what the deal was, but i did not enjoy this smoke. I was expecting a smooth creamy smoke, but it came out harsh, very peppery, and spicy. That might fit ones fancy, but not mine.
Justin in Madison, Ms June 9, 2008
"Awesome, Very Smooth and leaves your mouth"
Great cigar. The drag and construction is very good, burn is ok. The taste is very good, smooth but not spicy enough. Overall i'll give it a 9/10.
LoganX in New York May 2, 2008
"Very Smooth"
This is a very smooth smokeing cigar...Not as good as smoking a Cohiba with the cameroon wrapper...But this a fine cigar
Anthony in Baghdad Iraq March 30, 2008
"Quite Frankly I'm Shocked"
Having spent the better part of the last three trying just about every cigar I could get my hands on, I found the CAO brand the most consistent, even burning and flavorful cigars available. From the Cameroon, to the CX2, Brasilia, Criollo and the others, CAO maintains a level of quality not found in other brands. My kudos to CAO and keep up the good work.
Christopher Covolo in FL May 28, 2007
"One of my favorites"
Right off the bat the draw of this cigar grabbed my attention. Smooth,effortless, and lots of flavor. Burned smooth all the way, slowly changed character,for the better, right to the itty bitty nub. After smoking thousands of cigars I still don't know much about tastes of cedar, wood, leather, nuts, pepper, etc. but I know what I like, and this rates right up at the top. Price is right too.
Ron in Michigan January 7, 2007
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