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"GREAT smoke"
Didn't know what to expect from this as Famous sent me a single with my order. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but I'm glad they did. As somewhat of a newb to the world of cigars this is easily one of the tastiest I ve smoked. Very smooth and taste of coffee hints of spice and pleasant sweetness. burned excellent even in semi-windy conditions and enjoyable on an empty stomach. Thanks Famous
Gabriel in San Diego June 3, 2013
Got one free with my order.Smoked it next day.Taste,draw,burn,construction,was excellent.Will try a box.
leo in connecticut May 12, 2013
"I like it."
I recieved this stogie as a gift. Not sure I would have tried this on my own. This is a milk chocolate colored cigar. The ash is nearly snow white which gives it a very apealing appearance. Nice creamy smooth taste and aroma that reminded me of roasting nuts and freshly ground coffee. I'll be getting more of these.
Earl in Tennessee May 10, 2013
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