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"Oustanding Cigar!"
Bought a couple of these to try and was not disappointed. Perfect burn, construction, draw... you name it. The taste to me was earth and hint of sweetness. Highly suggest purchasing and trying these.
Anthony in California June 30, 2013
"From A Grateful Palate"
My friend bought this cigar for me and when I first seen it I was extremely impressed withthe chocolate color wrapper. So I lit her up and the draw was very impressive, I like to cut the cap enough to have a full draw but yet not lose control of the draw. The first flavor that popped during my first draw was a white pepper taste which was complimented with a touch of sweetness. However as I worked my way through the first third the complexeties of flavors was very delightful, I tasted coffee and light cocoa on the draw. On the release there was the pepper that just went so well with the other flavors. My palate was on taste overload, not in a bad over the top and lose any consistency, but in a very unique and enjoyable way. This is definitely one of my favorite sticks by CAO so far, and considering that this is the second cigar CAO, the first being the CAO OSA, has released since their acquisition by General Cigar Co. they hit it out of the park.
Robert in Keller Texas September 30, 2012
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10 Taste 100
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10 Construction 100
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