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CAO Criollo Reviews

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CAO Criollo Pato
"a tasty smoke"
I ve smoked quite of few of these and always liked them. I had one in the bottom of the humi for a few months and it was the best yet, very tasty and smooth, with a medium body and slightly strong finish. Enjoy!
stevenvh in NC, USA March 26, 2014
CAO Criollo Pato
"Not Worth Your Time"
Overall - one of the worst cigars I've had in a long time. Draw was almost impossible - tried everything to get the cigar to open up - nothing worked. burn was relatively good and flavor (what I could ascertain) was whole and robust - but the difficulty of the draw( and later it kept going out) was to much. You should not have to 'work' with a cigar to smoke it.
John in Libertyville, Illinois July 23, 2013
CAO Criollo Pato
"Finished well"
Was somewhat disappointed with the first half as it lacked any character. Just an average taste to start. The second half was better and fairly good. It could have been the combination with the bourbon I was drinking with the second half. Good consistent burn and draw. Not as full bodied as I'd prefer.
Eric E in Kentucky May 2, 2013
CAO Criollo Pato
"Very nice Mild/Med smoke"
Pleasant smoking cigar. Good value for the price. Not my favorite from the CAO line, but i do keep a few in my humidor. Don't understandcomplaints on construction. I bought a box and none have cracked. Maybe a bit dry? I've found it best to keep them in the humidor for up to 2 weeks at proper humidity before enjoying.
Lawrence in Hanahan,SC June 7, 2012
CAO Criollo Pato
"If you like Lot 23 you'll like these"
A bit beefier Lot 23 clone. I'm not thoroughly impressed. I wasn't with Lot 23 either. Its smooth and has some spots of spicy. But otherwise a poor tobacco flavor and a wavering spicy flavor. Tight draw(had to skewer it) and a crisp straight line after the first 1/3. Will not be buying again.
Ian in Columbus,OH May 20, 2012
CAO Criollo Pato
Writing this after smoking only one. It's not a complex cigar, but it burns good and tastes good. What else could you want? I would definitely buy and smoke again. Unlike other smokers, CAO has never let me down.
WillyD in Spartanburg, SC April 2, 2012
CAO Criollo Pato
"Great Cigar, bad wrappers"
Fell in love with this cigar from the CAO World Sampler (great value). This cigar is super smooth, excellent draw & burn, but, unlike the Criollo cigar from the World Sampler, when you buy a box, the wrapper is MUCH more lighter, extremely delicate & always cracks. If the wrapper was exactly like the sampler, I' d buy box after box of the Criollo...weird
kurt in nc February 19, 2012
CAO Criollo Pato
I couldn't agree more with the other reviews- an Excellent cigar! The construction was great and the flavor was there from the first draw to the last. A great mild to medium cigar. Well worth trying if you're debating it, you'll not be disappointed.
Jack in Ohio March 9, 2011
CAO Criollo Pato
"The Search Is Over!"
If you are looking for the perfect, treat yourself cigar for that occasional fishing or hunting trip....this is it, you won't be disapointed! The only cigar in my humidor..
Shane in New England March 4, 2011
CAO Criollo Pato
"Smooth, not too complex"
Received this CAO Criollo in a sample pack. Decided to smoke it late Sunday morning sitting in the screened lanai with the College Football Preview section and a robust blend of Columbian bean. Love the Criollo unique cap twist. The wrapper had texture and also was unique in it's color, the construction was firm. After snipping the cap, even before I lit it, I could tell the draw was going to be a little difficult. The draw remained on the difficult side until the final couple of inches, taking a bit of enjoyment from the experience. That was the only shortcoming. A pleasant creamy smoke, I would call it medium-full, with subtle flavors of nut and mild spiciness. I needed to re-light 3 times, however, another time I was able to put down the cigar in my ashtray for 3-4 minutes (for a coffee re-fill and the editorial section), and started puffing with no problem. I am ordering another sample pack and look forward to smoking this Criollo again, after this first smoke I would rate it in the mid-high 80's. CAO has another quality cigar here. CAO is a good brand, enjoyed all of the 5 or 6 different cigars I've had from CAO over the last few years. For a mild-medium but still flavorable smoke, try the CAO L'Anniversaire (sp?), I rate that at 88 or 89. The "country" cigars are ALL enjoyable.
Hogg in Longwood, FL August 10, 2010
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