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CAO Criollo Reviews

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CAO Criollo Pato
"everyday favorite"
The C.A.O. Criollo is now my everyday go to cigar. Crisp tobacco flavor and a creamy mildly sweet spice that keeps me smacking my lips. This cigar never lets you down. Consistent from stick to stick.... a real winner. The Famous price is unbeatable so if you haven't tried them now is the time. Enjoy.
K. Vito B. in San Francisco April 26, 2010
CAO Criollo Bomba
"Really enjoyed this cigar!"
This cigar was an absolute winner! I enjoyed this cigar with a glass of Dona Antonia Reserva port after a T-Bone steak dinner. This Criollo was my first CAO cigar and it did not dissapoint. I cannot wait to sample the the other cigars in the CAO lineup. The Criollo is a very close cousin to some of the better Cubans that I have enjoyed (being Canadian I can do so regularly) and if you gave me my choice I would take the Criollo all week long and twice on Sunday:)
Eric in Ontario March 12, 2010
CAO Criollo Pato
"Think I've found the cigar I've been looking for."
Good draw, looks and feels good too. The burn was okay had to relight in order to get a consistent burn. Also didn't leave a bad aftertaste. Good flavor. Definitely leave on my list of favorites.
john in arkansas February 23, 2010
CAO Criollo Conquistador
"great smoke"
Another great cigar from CAO.It had a nice burn from start to end w/o requiring a touch up.Complex flavor with almost a woodsy, leather overtones. I loved it !!
Quaker in Reading, Pa January 23, 2010
CAO Criollo Pato
"Good Beginner Stick"
The Pato was a very pleasant stogie for a relative beginner like myself. The draw and burn were a little tough, but the flavor and construction were very nice. Kind of a nutty, chocolate taste, very smooth. Looks pretty slick in the humidor too.
Sam T in San Diego CA December 19, 2009
CAO Criollo Mancha
"Full Bodied Cigar?...Look Elsewhere"
Well this is definately not the cigar Id hoped it would be as it was soft, the draw was mediocre, and the flavor was weak at best. I figured that this cigar would be bold and robust as the description leads you to believe but Its flavor was vaguely cedary. For the price, Id suggest Hoyo De Monteray's Dark Sumatra over this anyday.
Matt in Ohio August 24, 2009
CAO Criollo Pampas (5)
"Very Decent Cigar"
After ordering these cigars, I love the peppery spicy taste the smoke has a good smell. When I order stogies in the mail I keep them in the humidor for some time, the draw on my second one was little too easy and felt like I was sucking a straw.The burn was little uneven, has a nice white ash. But for me just starting in cigar smoking it was good. I would recommend to my friend about these.
Phil in Hobbs NM June 29, 2009
CAO Criollo Pato
WOW!! I had the torpedo shaped criollo and it was so hard to smoke I didn't enjoy it. I decided to try a different shape. These sticks are great. Wonderfull flavor, great amount of smoke, solid construction, and a great burn. I found a close out deal on them at JR and bought the last two boxes they had for 40$ each. Felt like I was stealing. You can't go wrong with CAO. I plant to try the rest of the Crillo line to see if the other cigars smoke as well. I would like to find one thats a bit longer so i can enjoy a longer smoke.
Reg in Florida January 11, 2009
CAO Criollo Conquistador
"tough to smoke"
I bought a 5 pack of these to try. I don't really know how they tasted. I had to work so hard to smoke them i didnt get to enjoy them. I don't know if it was just the box they were from or what. They did not feel overly hard. Each stick was an extremely hard draw and hard to keep lit. I am going to try a 5 of a different shape and hope they are better
reg in florida November 12, 2008
CAO Criollo Conquistador
"Hit or Miss"
I've had 5 of these from the same shop. 2 of them were perfect. In fact, some of the best smokes I've ever had. Sadly, 3 of them were terrible. Wrapper started peeling off right away, flavor was foul, and wouldn't burn right. Makes it hard to rate this cigar, because the 2 good ones were GREAT. One thing is for sure: I'll never gamble on buying an entire box of these.
Jason in Youngstown October 26, 2008
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