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CAO Criollo Reviews

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CAO Criollo Pato
"Local man hit by duck"
How can you go wrong with CAO, right? I've enjoyed them all. First Pato was, well... 'interesting'. The next two made me SICK. Never happened with ANY cigar. Threw the rest out. Moral: don't duck, you might get hit!
beaker in Whidbey Island October 3, 2008
CAO Criollo Conquistador
"Among the Best"
An outstanding stick, arguably the best Nicaraguan puro. Starts off spicy, gets your attention, then smooths out to a complex, mild to medium creamy, flavor-packed powerhouse, which remains consistent right to the nub. Exceptional, a new favorite, and definitely a must try for everyone, advanced beginners and up.
ROTHNH in Midcoast September 24, 2008
CAO Criollo Pato
"the best of the best"
CAO is one of the best the criollo is the best of the best. I have smoked to day the first one and enjoyed every minute.It's well full bodied with a wonderfull taste, I like the light sweet aroma that stays in mouth even after you finish smoking. I smoked many CAO's and enjoyed them but the criollo is special. To sumerize - the best of the best
Simcha in Israel September 24, 2008
CAO Criollo Bomba
"A great substitute for a real Cuban cigar!"
I recently was on a trip and had a chance to smoke some real Cuban cigars. This cigar really brought back the memories of the real Cuban cigars I was lucky enough to have. Solid construction. Good draw. Nice aroma. Smooth, yet full-bodied...all the way to the nub! No bitter after taste. It leaves wanting more! I am truly spoiled now, since having this cigar. I honestly rank this cigar 10/10! Goes great with a Hacker Pschorr beer.
Henry K. in Oak Forest, IL July 17, 2008
CAO Criollo Bomba
"A nice even burn with a complex flavor package."
Full bodied and not for those with mild tastes. A good after dinner cigar with a glass of port or brandy to balance the flavor. I am ordering a box.
Duane Quintana in Delaware June 21, 2008
CAO Criollo Pampas (5)
"Closest cousin to the Cuban Bolivar I've found"
If your a fan of the Habanos Bolivar line, then the CAO Criollo is the closest thing we've found to it! Very impressed, excellent smoke!
Grant in New Zealand March 30, 2008
CAO Criollo Bomba
"Wonderful aroma !!"
I first tried this cigar at a big smoke in Chicago and fell in love with it then . I reciently purchased a box of the Bomba size . I have smoked them on a golf trip in Myrtle beach , a trip to Las Vegas , and at gatherings of friends . The one universal comment I have heard from smokers and non smokers alike is , " That cigar smells really great !"
Tom Hoover in Crystal Lake , Illinois March 27, 2008
CAO Criollo Pampas (5)
"Could not have been more disappointed"
I moved primarily to smaller cigars for several years now. Consistency and draw seem to be more difficult in the smaller sizes as well as in belicoso styles. The CAO Criollo is quite a good line, but the CAO Criollo Pampas turned out to be a disappointment. Out of 50 smokes I was able to enjoy 5-8. The rest were either too tight to enjoy or burned very uneven. I should have returned all of them after I put 4 cigars out of the first tin into the garbage. Rocky Patel is a much better choice for the money. This is the last CAO Criollo Pampas I will ever purchase.
Pete in Michigan March 18, 2008
CAO Criollo Bomba
"Outstanding Stick"
Always wanted to try these as they are one of the best looking smokes to my eye. They're twice the price of what I'd like pay for a stick but I was not disappointed. Great quality smoke, complex flavors, long burn. I have found a new fav for special occasions.
Rudee in Lake Geneva, WI March 8, 2008
CAO Criollo Pato
"Tasty with an asterisk"
Like Italia's these have a flavor all their own. They have a dark yet sweet flavor that is perfect for a post dinner smoke. Know this though, you will *probably* NOT enjoy these right off the truck as much as you could if you give them some time to sleep. The filler is quite oily and, as a result, the draw and burn will frustrate many. the best bet is to allow them to sleep at least 6 months. If you can't hold out that long give them 2 weeks to rest then dry-box them for 3-4 days. return them to the humi for another 2 days then enjoy. This will allow the oils to harden enough to get a decent draw and will allow the cigar to stay lit without countless re-lights.
BrillKill in Rhode Island January 6, 2008
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