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CAO Criollo Conquistador Reviews [view details]

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"great smoke"
Another great cigar from CAO.It had a nice burn from start to end w/o requiring a touch up.Complex flavor with almost a woodsy, leather overtones. I loved it !!
Quaker in Reading, Pa January 23, 2010
"tough to smoke"
I bought a 5 pack of these to try. I don't really know how they tasted. I had to work so hard to smoke them i didnt get to enjoy them. I don't know if it was just the box they were from or what. They did not feel overly hard. Each stick was an extremely hard draw and hard to keep lit. I am going to try a 5 of a different shape and hope they are better
reg in florida November 12, 2008
"Hit or Miss"
I've had 5 of these from the same shop. 2 of them were perfect. In fact, some of the best smokes I've ever had. Sadly, 3 of them were terrible. Wrapper started peeling off right away, flavor was foul, and wouldn't burn right. Makes it hard to rate this cigar, because the 2 good ones were GREAT. One thing is for sure: I'll never gamble on buying an entire box of these.
Jason in Youngstown October 26, 2008
"Among the Best"
An outstanding stick, arguably the best Nicaraguan puro. Starts off spicy, gets your attention, then smooths out to a complex, mild to medium creamy, flavor-packed powerhouse, which remains consistent right to the nub. Exceptional, a new favorite, and definitely a must try for everyone, advanced beginners and up.
ROTHNH in Midcoast September 24, 2008
"Buck-a-stick cigar masquerading as premium"
I bought a box of these at auction and opened the box a few days after they arrived. The first, and, I hope, only, one I smoked had a severe blockage at the head, which yielded only slightly to serious massage. The wrapper cracked after I got through the first 2 inches of the cigar and I didn't last much longer. This junker looked fine and tasted okay, but it's not something I'll buy again. Soon as I figure out how to return these, I'll spend the money on something I can actually get smoke through.
Ted Padgett in Lilburn, GA September 14, 2006
"One Fine Smoke,,,, Relaxing"
The flavor is VERY nice,,,start to finish,,, partially cedary (is that a word?), nutty and cocoa-ish,,, Very complex and intriguing. I loved it, very relaxing. Might have gotten a dud concerning construction,,, the wrapper seperated some. Firm ash, even burn and a nice draw. Not sure about the negative comments in some of the previous reviews. Looking forward to my next one. Highly recommended!!!!
Scott V. in Tampa February 10, 2005
"Very nice premium smoke"
I'm puzzled by some of the recent negative comments here. I've burned up 4 boxes of these and keep coming back for more. The box is over-built, but the cigars are perfectly constructed, with nice draw and slow, even burn with good ash. Very pleasant aroma and medium toasty cocoa flavor. The Conquistador is one of the longest burning 6" sticks I've ever had. Great for an evening appertif.
Doc Arnold in Reno, NV November 14, 2004
"not good at all"
I bought a box of CAO Criollo's about 5 months ago(june '04). Beautiful box, handsome cigar, ugly expierence. The first cigar had to be re lit constantly. By the end of the cigar I was out of lighter fluid. Nice tasting stick but a real pain in the butt (and jaw). The only way to keep it going was to continuously be puffing on it. Not the way I prefer to smoke cigars. I left them in the humidor for two months and tried another. Same expierence, ugh! Took one more out of the humidor after three months and took the beautiful white wrapper off and the cigar wrapper came with it. Checked the other cigars in the humidor to see if the humidor was off. Nope. The Feunte 8-5-8's were their perfect selfs. So were the Onyx's. Conclusion? CAO Cirillo at $165.00 a box were a large disappointment. Good thing my brother-in-law doesn't know a good cigar from rolled up dog turd. He thinks I like him because I give him a Criollo every time he's over. His sister's happy and I'm out a box of high priced cigars.
Lee in Connecticut November 6, 2004
"CAO Heaven"
The CAO Criollo is by far, no question, the best Cigar I have layed my hands on in a long time. This Cigar, from the moment you peer at the intriging box, as you open the box you are surrounded by an intoxicating aroma. This Cigar is gently wraped and well presented, however. When you light this baby you will know instantly just how good this Cigar is! This Cigar burns even and slow, the taste is very close to some of the best Cubans I have ever had, the finish, who wants to finish a Cigar like this?
Adam in Virginia February 28, 2003
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