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CAO Criollo Pato Reviews [view details]

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"everyday favorite"
The C.A.O. Criollo is now my everyday go to cigar. Crisp tobacco flavor and a creamy mildly sweet spice that keeps me smacking my lips. This cigar never lets you down. Consistent from stick to stick.... a real winner. The Famous price is unbeatable so if you haven't tried them now is the time. Enjoy.
K. Vito B. in San Francisco April 26, 2010
"Think I've found the cigar I've been looking for."
Good draw, looks and feels good too. The burn was okay had to relight in order to get a consistent burn. Also didn't leave a bad aftertaste. Good flavor. Definitely leave on my list of favorites.
john in arkansas February 23, 2010
"Good Beginner Stick"
The Pato was a very pleasant stogie for a relative beginner like myself. The draw and burn were a little tough, but the flavor and construction were very nice. Kind of a nutty, chocolate taste, very smooth. Looks pretty slick in the humidor too.
Sam T in San Diego CA December 19, 2009
WOW!! I had the torpedo shaped criollo and it was so hard to smoke I didn't enjoy it. I decided to try a different shape. These sticks are great. Wonderfull flavor, great amount of smoke, solid construction, and a great burn. I found a close out deal on them at JR and bought the last two boxes they had for 40$ each. Felt like I was stealing. You can't go wrong with CAO. I plant to try the rest of the Crillo line to see if the other cigars smoke as well. I would like to find one thats a bit longer so i can enjoy a longer smoke.
Reg in Florida January 11, 2009
"Local man hit by duck"
How can you go wrong with CAO, right? I've enjoyed them all. First Pato was, well... 'interesting'. The next two made me SICK. Never happened with ANY cigar. Threw the rest out. Moral: don't duck, you might get hit!
beaker in Whidbey Island October 3, 2008
"the best of the best"
CAO is one of the best the criollo is the best of the best. I have smoked to day the first one and enjoyed every minute.It's well full bodied with a wonderfull taste, I like the light sweet aroma that stays in mouth even after you finish smoking. I smoked many CAO's and enjoyed them but the criollo is special. To sumerize - the best of the best
Simcha in Israel September 24, 2008
"Tasty with an asterisk"
Like Italia's these have a flavor all their own. They have a dark yet sweet flavor that is perfect for a post dinner smoke. Know this though, you will *probably* NOT enjoy these right off the truck as much as you could if you give them some time to sleep. The filler is quite oily and, as a result, the draw and burn will frustrate many. the best bet is to allow them to sleep at least 6 months. If you can't hold out that long give them 2 weeks to rest then dry-box them for 3-4 days. return them to the humi for another 2 days then enjoy. This will allow the oils to harden enough to get a decent draw and will allow the cigar to stay lit without countless re-lights.
BrillKill in Rhode Island January 6, 2008
"Nice mid-bodied smoke"
Just finished my second one from two sampler packs I got. nice solid grayish ash, even burn and wonderful flavor, now my second fav,. from Cao after the MX2, Looking for a box right now.
Rob in New York October 6, 2007
"Not another Cuban!"
I brought twenty of these down Mexico way and I've now run out and have resorted to Cubana Romeo Y Julieta, Partagas & Cohiba's. Tonight I have to endure a Cuban Montecristo while I dream of my Criollo Pato's waiting for me back home. I have found that like most cigar deliveries a week in the humidor will do wonders for the wrapper / burn problems described by others here. But I find that true with all brands. If your honest with yourself you'll admit that these little jewels compare with the best Habana's. (well maybe not the Cohiba's, but those are $32 apiece at Sanborns)
JCPH3 in Guadalajara March 13, 2007
"My New Cuban Replacement"
I just tried my first CAO Criollo Pato as part of a sampler. Within two puffs, I said to myself is this a "legal" cigar or a Cuban Partagas 8-9-8? Or a Cuban RyJ Exhibicion #4? I like my Fuente's, but Nicaragua seems to be producing cigars closer to the Cubans I like. This is even better than my Padrons. This is worth every penny of the $3.00 I spent for it at Famous and a whole lot more!
Jeff in Albuquerque August 5, 2006
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