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CAO Criollo Pato Reviews [view details]

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"Excellent flavor, wrapper and burn problems"
The wrapper is medium reddish brown and translucent, very thin and lightly veined. It has a wonderful pre-light aroma, damp and earthy. It lights evenly and easily, with a creamy almost malty aroma. But the binder was heavily veined and expanded along the veins, cracking the wrapper and causing a very shoddy, scraggly ash. There were runners which had to be corrected. But the flavor remained wonderful and was worth smoking to the nub.
Overworked in CA May 16, 2006
I smoked this cigar and enjoyed it. So I bought a box. I was a disappointed in the wrapper,fell apart as I smoked it,but nice ash,good taste other than that I have enjoyed this smoke. I did solve some of the wrapper problem after putting the cigars in a humador for a couple of weeks. Over all about a 8 out of ten. However the box they come in is very COOL
John Aull in Ca January 11, 2006
"smooth, medium body, very flavorful, burns evenly."
One of the few cigars I buy by the box. Not CAO's best cigar - but VERY worth the money. I store these a few months usually and they take up a slight cedar aroma and smoke very smoothly. Haven't had a bad one yet.
paul stokely in maryland April 3, 2005
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10 Construction (89) 100
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