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CAO Cx2 Beli Reviews [view details]

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"Loose Construction but good for the price"
Over all looks like a great cigar but the quality is not what I expected from CAO. I found the loose construction to be problematic on draw and smoke qualntity, which in turn affects taste and burn rate. It s a near miss, but a miss all the same. The price makes up a good bit of the deficiency, though.
in October 2, 2014
"Really nice cigar!"
It s a really good cigar, but I liked Lx2 and Mx2 more! : For me: First place - Mx2 Second place - Lx2 Third place - Cx2
Vasil in CA June 2, 2014
"Excellent Cigar"
This is a great Camroon cigar for the price. It is a smooth, even burning, medium bodied cigar that does have the Nicaraguan "bite". I recommend it for beginners to seasoned cigar enthusiasts.
Tom Bened in Florida April 16, 2012
They are good quality smokes , burn was awesome ,Ive smoked 2 outta 5.. I just dont really care for the taste..Almost like a bitter hazelnut taste
DonB in Va April 14, 2012
"Best in Taste for the price"
Yes I love this cigar. If your a cameroon lover and can't afford La Aroura Preferdios for everyday, this is the best you can get. I've smoked many of these and always have some in stock for that special event ( the end of the day) and would recommend these to all who have taste buds ( some reviews need to check with ENT doctors). So hey if you bought them and don;t like them call me and I'll take them.
Hawk in Cowen WV December 18, 2010
"Great smoke!"
The CAO Cx2 has been a great camaroon cigar. I suggest that some of the negative reviewers see an Ears, Nose and Throat Specialist. The cigar has great camaroon taste, draw is the best, taste is within my top 20. Guys, please whine some other place! I spent 10 years in Army SF, so please do not whine to me!
Don C. in Albany, NY December 12, 2010
"Size does matter..."
Greetings Boys, I sit here enjoying one of my CX2 belicoso's as I write this and I have to tell you. Cigar size matters. I bought this box based on trying a CX2 robusto a friend shared with me. While I am still enjoying this cigar very much, I find the smaller robusto to have more flavor. All in all, you can't go wrong with these, but if you are going to try a box, buy the smaller robusto. He's hoping some humidor time will bring out more flavor. See you in the smoke bar.
B. Dunn in Oceanside, CA July 10, 2009
"Not the best CAO I've had!"
Not the best CAO I've had. Not constructed well, the head collapsed easily and drew too freely. Tasted only OK. For the cost... a big dissappointment.
Robert in Memphis March 11, 2009
"One of the best I've had"
Fantasic smoke. Long burn with a good draw and mild taste. Good at the list price but better if you can pick them up on the auction. One of my favorites... right up there with monte #2 and perdermo champagne reserve. I highly recommend this smoke.
indymarc in indianapolis June 25, 2008
"Not what i expected in anyway"
When I purchased this cigar I purchased it due to the high ratings it received. In the end i was pretty disappointed, construction was good and all but the poor amount of smoke produced disappointed me. It is sad when i Macanudo Maduro cigarillo produces more smoke in one puff that this cigar does in three. This is a purchase i do not plan on making again.
James in Louisville April 5, 2008
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10 Consistency (83) 100
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10 Draw (81) 100
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10 Appearance (85) 100
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10 Taste (80) 100
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10 Construction (82) 100
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