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CAO Cx2 Reviews

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CAO Cx2 Beli
"Really nice cigar!"
It s a really good cigar, but I liked Lx2 and Mx2 more! : For me: First place - Mx2 Second place - Lx2 Third place - Cx2
Vasil in CA June 2, 2014
CAO Cx2 Rob
"Very nice stick"
Little bit of a tight draw at first. Once it opened up was great, woody and earthy notes with hints of sweetness!
VInce May 21, 2014
CAO Cx2 Rob
"Okay smoke"
Had one 2 days out of the box and liked the mildness but did not like the burn. The wrapper cracked when I touched it and blew up in the middle. After it passed the middle point it became a great and flavorful smoke to the nub.
Alan Dykes in San Antonio January 24, 2014
CAO Cx2 Rob
"Very Slow Burn Stolky lasted me Hours"
Not a Bad Stolky Good taste Did not Burn till end lost flavor before Finish But lasted a very long time Good Cigar
wilfredo in New York January 21, 2014
CAO Cx2 Toro
"This is a very good cigar!"
Sorry to hear that some had a bad experience with this cigar (plugged )but myself it's in my top five, depending on the occasion! It had a nice even burn, nice smooth draw and good flavor! Definitely getting more of these babies!
D-NICE in Columbus, OH October 11, 2013
CAO Cx2 Rob
"Let it age!"
I smoked one a short time after my initial purchase and it seemed a bit average. Just pulled another out of the bottom of the humidor after 3.6 years and a what a great suprise. Beautiful flavour from cameroon wrapper with strong cacao and cedar flavours and a woody, cedar aroma. Cigar gave an additional hit of black pepper complexity in the final third.
Tapper in Australia September 30, 2013
CAO Cx2 Toro
My first experience with a non Cuban cigar. Was surprised how great this cigar is. Medium strength, Great burn, flavor and look. Nice draw, very smooth with lots of smoke. Happy to have 4 more left. Getting some more after that for sure. Very recommended.
Rodolfo D. in Melbourne, Australia September 25, 2013
CAO Cx2 Rob
I received 2 of these in a promo pack and both were plugged (actually badly wrapped and filled) i hope this isnt an indication of the "quality" to expect from CAO
Saint Germaine in Australia March 24, 2013
CAO Cx2 Rob
"One of my top 5 favorites."
I have enjoyed this cigar very much after dinner and with a light beverage. One of my 5 favorite mild to mild/med evening smokes. I enjoy the Cameroon flavor of the wrapper and construction is very good. My other favorites are Rocky Patel Am.Market Selection, Partagas, Alec Bradley Am. Classsic Blend, Gurkha Regent.
Jim Thompson in South Carolina February 14, 2013
CAO Cx2 Toro
"Great Finish"
Always had a beautiful burn with this one. I'm sorry to hear some have had plugs with Cx2. The finish brings up all the flavors from medium 3/4's in to a surprising palatable strong finish. I have this cigar in a 15 pick rotation and never have had a problem.
Pottsc in Idaho November 10, 2012
Amilcar Perez Castro
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