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CAO Cx2 Reviews

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CAO Cx2 Toro
"Great Finish"
Always had a beautiful burn with this one. I'm sorry to hear some have had plugs with Cx2. The finish brings up all the flavors from medium 3/4's in to a surprising palatable strong finish. I have this cigar in a 15 pick rotation and never have had a problem.
Pottsc in Idaho November 10, 2012
CAO Cx2 Rob
"Some 'pros', some 'cons'...."
The feel, smell, and burn were wonderful...but not a lot of smoke and the taste, well...not so good!!! Gonna leave the 9 others in the humidor for some seasoning...maybe that'll improve the taste.
MD in NJ October 7, 2012
CAO Cx2 Toro
"PLUGGED! and not just a little!"
Halfway through the box and so far they all were plugged. Dang near solid.
Eddie in South Carolina August 2, 2012
CAO Cx2 Beli
"used to be great!"
i used to LOVE these. apparently, it seems cao is having a quality control problem. recent purchaces have had unraveling, poor burns, bitterness, cracks, holes, and yes cracking when cutting. i often notice a very hard knot near the tip that appears to limit the draw. threw too many in the woods....i'm done with these!
rich in lecanto, fl July 4, 2012
CAO Cx2 Toro
Tried one of these toros and fell in love. So I bought a box. All but five of them were so plugged they could not be smoked. What a shame cause they are fantastic smoke if you can get a good one.
eric in new jersey June 11, 2012
CAO Cx2 Robusto 5 Pack
"Great cigar"
Excellent draw every time. Creamy, hint of nuts, great black tobacco taste.
SirMr in Detroit June 3, 2012
CAO Cx2 Toro
"Bad box or just a very poor cigar?"
I concur with other negative reviews. This was a very poor excuse for a cigar. Nearly 1/2 through my box and all have had a poor draw and several develop a hole approx. 1/4" from cut. Also fray at 1/3 left to go. I paid top dollar for these from Cigar Auctioneer and may request a refeund!
Bill in Oregon May 3, 2012
CAO Cx2 Beli
"Excellent Cigar"
This is a great Camroon cigar for the price. It is a smooth, even burning, medium bodied cigar that does have the Nicaraguan "bite". I recommend it for beginners to seasoned cigar enthusiasts.
Tom Bened in Florida April 16, 2012
CAO Cx2 Beli
They are good quality smokes , burn was awesome ,Ive smoked 2 outta 5.. I just dont really care for the taste..Almost like a bitter hazelnut taste
DonB in Va April 14, 2012
CAO Cx2 Rob
"6 out of 10"
Got this in the house sampler pack. It looked the part but the flavor never kicked in. Here is my review: http://youtu.be/ZczBd1mUOxw
BrewVegas in Las Vegas January 2, 2012
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