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CAO Cx2 Reviews

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CAO Cx2 Rob
"Keep Coming Back"
I have read the negative reviews but my experience is that I crave these cigars and keep coming back to them. I mostly smoke Nub cigars but really like these CX2 Robustos. I have had little trouble with the construction. The wrappers can unravel a bit but you have to understand these are a bit delicate, just take care of them. Nice earthy spicy smoke. My Favorite Cameroon for sure.
Steve in Indiana January 2, 2012
CAO Cx2 Rob
"Like all CAOs - Bad Burn"
Very dissapointing, but all CAOs are disapointing
Stan P in Clearwater, FL December 11, 2011
CAO Cx2 Rob
"Horrible Cigar"
I got these in a Cameroon Sampler and was really hoping it would get better as it smoked...It taste like crap. Draw was horrible.
Snoh in CA November 4, 2011
CAO Cx2 Rob
"CAO Cx2 No Good"
Take a pass on this CAO CX2. The sticks I got in a sampler were so plugged up I could only salvage a few draws after several cuttings and pulling out endless lumber. This stick sucks big time.
Art Caudy in Illinois October 25, 2011
CAO Cx2 Rob
Not sure what these other guys are talking about, but I got one of these in a sampler, and it was fantastic. I did let mine rest almost a month before smoking it, so maybe that was the difference maker. Great smoke.
Jimmy in Milwaukee, WI October 12, 2011
CAO Cx2 Corona
"good everydayer"
good consistent smoke. i expected alittle more flavor since my favorite cigar is the CAO Cameroon.saw the cx2 on this site and thought this would be good. it was just not as good as the regular cameroon.all in all, good smoke.
chad in louisiana September 19, 2011
CAO Cx2 Rob
"Not great"
This is a mild and virtually flavorless cigar, you will get value for flavor and price from the mosaico line, that's the level of quality here.
Ethan in Dallas, TX September 19, 2011
CAO Cx2 Rob
"Not bad,but not great"
I got this in the Double Trouble sampler. I was really looking forward to smoking my first CAO but was not impressed. The look, burn,and draw were very good but it really lacked flavor. The taste was just blah. I got bored smoking it and was looking forward to be done with it. I did smoke it down to the last half inch hoping some flavor would pop out but nothing. It is better than my yard work cigars but not one I would use for a special occasion.
John in Carroll, IA September 10, 2011
CAO Cx2 Rob
"Bad Cigar, would not suggest to anyone"
I purchased 5 of these, and smoked the first last night. I was anticipating a good smoke, but the draw was nearly impossible. I tried to roll it around a little but to no avail. The burn was very slow (from the stiff draw), barely generating any smoke. The taste was decent, but I couldn't get enough smoke for a full mouth feel. The burn became uneven after half of the cigar, and it wasn't until the final quarter of the cigar that it began to smoke somewhat well. If I light another of my 4 lefts cigars and experience the same toughness, I'll throw the remaining 3 in the trash.
Richard in Los Angeles September 7, 2011
CAO Cx2 Lonsdale
"What's the Fuss About"
Well Constructed, nice draw, but will have to age these to be anything special in my opinion. Carlos Torano Cameroon 1916 is the better option.
KSK1186 in North Carolina July 2, 2011
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