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CAO Cx2 Rob Reviews [view details]

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"Found another hit for me...."
In my search for a different taste, I tried a 5 pack sampler of the Cx2 because of its fillers and double Cameroon wrapper and was amazed at the 'mildness' this smoke provided. I find these 'medium' flavored cigars were a 'very mild' delight from beginning to end. I chose the Baccarat as my 'mild' cigar but I will now replace them with the Cx2 and smoke the Baccarats for my 'medium' blend. The draw nearly perfect the appearance handsome, the construction top shelf and the taste a treat from beginning to end. Famous Smoke Shop has a big hit here.....keep it up and thanks.
Rick Blake in Bakersfield, Ca December 21, 2010
"Love Um!"
I'm new to smoking cigars so take my review for what its worth. I got these cigars in a sampler pack and had already heard of them from others that smoke. I was kind of disappointed in the sampler that I got till I found these babies, now I'm in love. I've already bought several five packs and probably will be buying a box here soon enough. They had a nice smooth draw with tons of creamy smoke and really mellowed out after the first 10 minutes of smoking them. I would highly recommend these.
Ian Fjeld in Scobey, MT December 14, 2010
"Fantastic Smoke, Highly Recommended"
I am new to the cigar world, but I have smoked rocky patels and macanudos on several occasions, and this has been my favourite. Great flavor, good burn, and amazing aroma. My only issue was that I didn't get much smoke from it, and I'm not sure why, because it burned just fine. Other than that, very smooth and enjoyable.
Sam Sanders in December 5, 2010
I really wanted to like these so I could get a good deal on CAOs with the Turk Wise Buy, but it wasn't meant to be. Out of the 5 I got ONE was good (not due to the fact it was stored - it was the third one I smoked). The other 4 had absolutely no taste and three of these I had to use a draw tool because they were so plugged.
Stephen in DC November 14, 2010
Excellent construction, perfect wrapper, great draw, perfect burn, nice aroma.... and flavor so boring I ended up tossing it into my fire pit with a good inch and a half left past the band (ive never done this before). It was only in my humidor a few weeks, but, this thing was just blah in a stick. I literally tossed it in the fire, looked at my friends and said... "I guess I have a review to write.." Maybe I got "a bad one". Id try another one for free if someone gave me one, but, I wouldn't take the chance ordering more. Ty...
Tyler in Wisconsin September 4, 2010
"Not Bad"
I found the draw to be perfect for me. And talk about good smoke.This wonderful aroma is one of the reasons I recently started smoking cigars. I wasn't a huge fan of the taste though. I'll have to pick up a 5 pack, and let them sit. The two I've had burned wonderfully.
Bryan in Baton Rouge April 6, 2010
I was really looking forward to this based on the reviews, but the flavor was nothing like what is described. It was not smooth and the aroma was not inviting. It was overly spicy, and one-dimensional. It sat in my 'dor for 6 months, so age shouldn't have been an issue. Plus there were holes in the wrapper, and the draw was too loose. Maybe I got a bad stick, but I was quite disappointed with this cigar.
Rick in Riverside, CA January 28, 2010
"One of my favorites ..."
Well made, fine aroma and great taste ... but not for beginners ... if you don't love this at first, build your experience a bit and give it a second try and you'll agree ... a must for the humidor
John in Gilbert, AZ January 25, 2010
"OK i guess- not for me."
This was not what I was expecting. This is a solid smoke none the less. The aroma was great but the flavor was one dimensional, toasted caramel and tobacco, which kept getting my hopes up for the next draw but kept letting me down.
Evan in ME September 27, 2009
"My favorite"
I've been testing lots of samplers to find a cigar that I would order in bulk. This one is it. It's smooth and rich at the same time.
Markus G in Portland, Oregon July 20, 2009
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10 Construction (88) 100
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