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CAO Cx2 Rob Reviews [view details]

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"CAO Cx2 No Good"
Take a pass on this CAO CX2. The sticks I got in a sampler were so plugged up I could only salvage a few draws after several cuttings and pulling out endless lumber. This stick sucks big time.
Art Caudy in Illinois October 25, 2011
Not sure what these other guys are talking about, but I got one of these in a sampler, and it was fantastic. I did let mine rest almost a month before smoking it, so maybe that was the difference maker. Great smoke.
Jimmy in Milwaukee, WI October 12, 2011
"Not great"
This is a mild and virtually flavorless cigar, you will get value for flavor and price from the mosaico line, that's the level of quality here.
Ethan in Dallas, TX September 19, 2011
"Not bad,but not great"
I got this in the Double Trouble sampler. I was really looking forward to smoking my first CAO but was not impressed. The look, burn,and draw were very good but it really lacked flavor. The taste was just blah. I got bored smoking it and was looking forward to be done with it. I did smoke it down to the last half inch hoping some flavor would pop out but nothing. It is better than my yard work cigars but not one I would use for a special occasion.
John in Carroll, IA September 10, 2011
"Bad Cigar, would not suggest to anyone"
I purchased 5 of these, and smoked the first last night. I was anticipating a good smoke, but the draw was nearly impossible. I tried to roll it around a little but to no avail. The burn was very slow (from the stiff draw), barely generating any smoke. The taste was decent, but I couldn't get enough smoke for a full mouth feel. The burn became uneven after half of the cigar, and it wasn't until the final quarter of the cigar that it began to smoke somewhat well. If I light another of my 4 lefts cigars and experience the same toughness, I'll throw the remaining 3 in the trash.
Richard in Los Angeles September 7, 2011
"Mild and approachable."
The CAO Cx2 is a very easy-going, approachable mild-to-medium cigar. Unlike other Cameroon's with more prominent, oily wrappers, the Cx2 is relatively dry and tasteless and you really don't get much mouthfeel until the end of the smoke - the culmination of the cigar and subtle flavors in the Cameroon wrapper. My Cx2 cut well, lit and burned well, had a perfect draw and above-average construction; that is to say it looked and smoked great! Overall, a decent smoke, Just a bit too mild for my tastes...
Jesse CourteManche in Norfolk, Virginia May 18, 2011
"Maybe I just had a bad one"
This cigar has gotten many good review so I got one. I was really looking forward to it, but I was highly disappointed when smoking it. The flavor was so so, the draw was absolutely terrible, and the cigar started cracking when smoked. The wrapper seemed very brittle even though it was in the humidor for a while. Maybe I just had a bad one though.
Derek in Ohio April 18, 2011
"Very Nice!"
I am fairly new to cigars. However, just had a CAO Cx2. VERY enjoyable. Nice construction, very even burn, and great tastes. Would definitely recommend!
Eddie in IL April 12, 2011
"Satisfying smoke"
I, also am fairly new to the cigar scene! My take on this smoke was very satisfying. It had a nice aroma, slow burn and not too robust. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this smoke and would recommend it. I have heard of CAO before smoking and was very pleased with the purchase.
Troy W. in Orange Grove, Texas February 9, 2011
"No Bueno"
Like others have posted, my stick was so plugged I threw it away after 5 minutes. I even tried to cut it TWICE. Only flavor I got was pepper tongue... I wanted to like this but too many negatives to even warrant a second chance for me. Sorry.
Jason R in Bristol, CT January 8, 2011
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