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CAO Cx2 Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Second time and still GREEAAT!!"
I ordered a 5pack for the second time and I'm extremely happy that they all tasted the same and are well rolled. All those who explain the taste are right. Rich, creamy, etc... And I love the toro size. The 54 gauge has a nice feel to it. I personally like them more than the Brazilia. I've yet to try the Mx2 in my humidor. Will have them this weekend. Cx2 toro, Lovely smoke to the nub. And I mean the nub. I almost burnt my LIPS! Will order a box next time, no more 5 pack for these.
Reza in Bahrain May 8, 2010
"Very fine smoke"
Great cigar from start to finish. Loved the rich and different flavor of a cameroon. It is now one of my favorites
John G in Florida April 19, 2010
"Fell off towards the end"
I had the CX2 with a cup of coffee this morning. It was the first time I lit this cigar. I loved the pine-taste of the Brazilian and the aroma of the Italiano, so I had high hopes for this one. The cigar smoke very smooth with a rich and nutty taste. The cameroon really showed wonderful taste. I was pleasantly delighted with it until the half way point of the cigar. The richness of the cigar disappeared and the last half was very rough. I had to put it down.
ChicagoSmoke in Chicago, IL July 9, 2009
"Very hard draw"
After all the reviews I've read, I expected quite a bit more than I got. Very tight draw, to the point of not really getting anything out of it. What little bit I did get, I liked the taste, but much too tight...Hopefully just got a bad stick and the next one will be the redeemer.
Don in Texas March 27, 2009
"Oh yeh baby! I found the ONE I've been looking for"
creamy, smooth, rich, great aroma.,,pretty good burn.
aroma hound in Ga. February 28, 2009
Loved this cigar. Top rate from end to end. Great burn w/super taste and a delicious finish.
DENNIS H. JOHNSTON in United States January 11, 2009
"has great flavor throughout."
Cao cigars are a real pleasure to smoke and they wont let you down.
barry in westchester il. January 9, 2009
"Creamy and Rich a little spice"
Lots of smoke. Creamy and a hint of spice. Very good.
Boa in Tennessee December 2, 2008
"Very Good Smoke!"
The taste, burn, and draw were very good indeed. Can't wait to get more.
Ray in Hillsboro November 30, 2008
Great consistant cigar with great construction. It was a sweet, carmelized flavor, with mocha undertones. This cigar was great, but may be too sweet for some people. 10 out of 10 for me though.
Steve in Michigan July 18, 2008
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