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CAO Flavours Reviews

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Bella Vanilla Cigarillo (10)
"Great! Can't Beat the Price!"
I found these in Las Vegas during Super Bowl weekend. I love the taste and the price can't be beat. Great taste and smooth smoke perfect for a change and small enough for a quick smoke in the sports book.
Chris in San Gabriel, CA April 19, 2014
CAO Moontrance Tubo
"Very Pleasant smoke"
I enjoy the moontrance,great taste and smell.Many people have asked me about them because of the smell and then they love the flavor.Burns even and lasts a long time ,a great deal for the money.Really like the individual tubes for travel and freshness.
David in Rhode Island March 17, 2014
Gold Honey Cigarillos (10)
"Something changed!"
These use to be one of my Fav s but not any more, To me the draw is a lot tougher and the taste went from a good honey to a grungy flavor that reminds me of a super cheap cigar called UGLY COYOTE! I use to have bee s follow me around my yard when I smoked these now I can t say that any more.
Charlie in Minnesota March 14, 2014
Earth Nectar Cigarillos (10)
"One of the better for tin s"
I find that a short stint in the humidor brings out a lot of flavor with these,also helps the wraps because they are pretty dry and to get a better draw I roll them around a bit on a hard surface. With them being dry the wrap cracks off a lot. For a little bit of effort for a great smaller smoke it s well worth it.
Charles in Minnesota, USA March 14, 2014
Bella Vanilla Corona
"great cigar"
Great cigar all the way through. Will buy more for sure.
Michael in Harper Ferry WV January 18, 2014
Bella Vanilla Corona
"great cigar"
Great cigar all the way through. Will buy more for sure.
Michael in Harper Ferry WV January 18, 2014
Eileen's Dream Cigarillos (10)
"Best Cigarillos I ve Ever Had!!!"
I ve been smoking these for years! The flavors are phenomenal, not just because of the Irish creme, but the tobacco has a great taste. The burn is *usually* perfect, but once in a while, you get one that burns more on the top or the bottom. The draw is great 90% of the time, but occasionally one pops up that was rolled too tightly. Overall, despite an occasional dud, these cigarillos are my personal favorite. They are a mainstay in my humidor, and I couldn t recommend them highly enough!
Joe in VT December 9, 2013
Moontrance Cigarillo (10)
"Lacking in Taste"
Buying these I expected more taste as they have a variety of flavors packed into them, sadly they were uneventful in taste and had tough draw due to a tight middle section on most of the cigars. An all right cigar but if you re looking for flavor go elsewhere.
Lewis in CT December 5, 2013
Moontrance Cigarillo (10)
A buddy of mine gave me one the other day and the next day I purchased 50 of these little guys. Great taste and smooth. To get the best flavor you have to mouth-nose em. If ya get my drift.
Randy D. in NOLA October 16, 2013
Earth Nectar Cigarillos (10)
"My favorite of the CAO flavoureds"
I think this is a good, small smoke. My favorite of the lot.
Joe in Bethlehem July 29, 2013
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