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CAO Flavours Reviews

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Bella Vanilla Cigarillo (10)
"Great cigars!"
Great little cigars! I wish they were a little bigger! The only problem I had was the draw, you have to kinda puff in a little harder, it helps if you bite off the tip a little..Overall, a great smoke!
Andrew in Ohio June 1, 2013
CAO Eileen's Dream Tubo
"A real dream of a cigar"
I love all of the CAO flavors. I especially love these tubo.
Autumn in USA April 26, 2013
CAO Moontrance Torpedo
"Excellent surprise!"
Very good taste.Draw was nice so far.
Dave in Gaithersburg March 31, 2013
Bella Vanilla Cigarillo (10)
"Great Sweet Flavor"
The cigar has a sweet vanilla before you even light it. It usually smokes well and can hold a good ashe considering the size. Definitely better if you keep them in your humidor for some time. Great for a quick sweet smoke on the golf course, or for sharing with friends.
Mark in Maryland March 13, 2013
CAO Moontrance Torpedo
"Sweet taste Sweet smell"
I'm not a flavored cigar smoker but there is something about the Moontrance that I completely love. If its the fact that women i have over will actually smoke one of these with me or that taste it produces i'm not sure what i like better. A very solid flavored cigar that actually keeps its flavoring!
Jake in Florida March 1, 2013
Moontrance Corona
"Best CAO Flavored stogie yet"
Pre-light smell is a treat, I knew off the bat it was going to be a good one. Draw was smooth and the smoke refreshing. No regrets.
Mike in New York January 30, 2013
CAO Cherrybomb Tubo
"Best one they make"
The cherrybomb is the only cigar of the sampler that I liked. Great flavor.
Sheri in Humboldt TN January 13, 2013
Moontrance Corona
"Best I've had so far!"
I am new to smoking cigars. I have about 20 flavored cigars under my belt but this one was the absolute best!!!! It was so flavorful! Only downside was the draw, otherwise great! Defiantly will be getting more soon.
Ken in Lake Geneva, Wi December 2, 2012
CAO Moontrance Torpedo
Overall appearance was great, foot had wonderful vanilla burbon and fruity aroma to it. Nice consistent, even burn, nice long ash. Smooth mellow taste with nice creamy smoke. You can really taste the vanilla burbon and fruit flavor throughout the entire cigar. I ALWAYS make it a habit to have a FEW of these on hand. Definately a must buy.
Chris in Mukwonago WI November 26, 2012
Moontrance Cigarillo (10)
"A Ladies Favorite"
I love the taste of this cigar and all of my lady friend's do and the men.
Renee H. in Palmdale, CA October 2, 2012
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