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CAO Flavours Reviews

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CAO Moontrance Tubo
"Great cigar"
A This is a smooth smoke. I like one in the evening watching the sunset.
Mike N in Yuma,AZ July 8, 2013
Moontrance Cigarillo (10)
"Wife and her friend said - WOW"
My friend and I love to smoke a good cigar once a week and drink a little Makers Mark and our wives just sat there while we all visited. We had begged them both to try smoking a cigar with us but they continually said no. We figured we should try something and we bought these for them as it seemed like they might try something that was not as scary as a big old Churchill. Well,they loved these and I was ordered to buy them more of these and more of the other styles for their Ladies Cigar Night now!!! They both raved over the mild, cool, refreshing flavored smoke and commented on how they would have tried cigars a long time ago had they understood how relaxing it can be. Thanks CAO and Famous!
Roger in Williamsport, Indiana June 29, 2013
Moontrance Corona
"Smooth and Sweet"
These stogies are some of my absolute favorites. They smell and taste amazing as if your being transported to a tropical island or something. If your just getting into cigars this would be my choice. I quite enjoy having a few in my humidor to give everything a nice fresh sent ... Of course hardcore smokers would probably never mix flavored cigars with regular/high end but I do enjoy the MIX!
ATB in ogden June 25, 2013
Gold Honey Cigarillos (10)
"Not Bad"
An easy quick smoke that taste like honey. If your looking for a sweet quick smoke that taste like honey and nothing more, then this cigar is for you.
Anthony in California June 19, 2013
Bella Vanilla Cigarillo (10)
"Great cigars!"
Great little cigars! I wish they were a little bigger! The only problem I had was the draw, you have to kinda puff in a little harder, it helps if you bite off the tip a little..Overall, a great smoke!
Andrew in Ohio June 1, 2013
CAO Eileen's Dream Tubo
"A real dream of a cigar"
I love all of the CAO flavors. I especially love these tubo.
Autumn in USA April 26, 2013
CAO Moontrance Torpedo
"Excellent surprise!"
Very good taste.Draw was nice so far.
Dave in Gaithersburg March 31, 2013
Bella Vanilla Cigarillo (10)
"Great Sweet Flavor"
The cigar has a sweet vanilla before you even light it. It usually smokes well and can hold a good ashe considering the size. Definitely better if you keep them in your humidor for some time. Great for a quick sweet smoke on the golf course, or for sharing with friends.
Mark in Maryland March 13, 2013
CAO Moontrance Torpedo
"Sweet taste Sweet smell"
I'm not a flavored cigar smoker but there is something about the Moontrance that I completely love. If its the fact that women i have over will actually smoke one of these with me or that taste it produces i'm not sure what i like better. A very solid flavored cigar that actually keeps its flavoring!
Jake in Florida March 1, 2013
Moontrance Corona
"Best CAO Flavored stogie yet"
Pre-light smell is a treat, I knew off the bat it was going to be a good one. Draw was smooth and the smoke refreshing. No regrets.
Mike in New York January 30, 2013
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