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CAO Gold Reviews

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CAO Gold Robusto
"Go To"
This is my go to smoke, love everything about this cigar.
CJ December 28, 2014
CAO Gold Robusto
"good consistant stick"
Every time I get these PDRs they are great. Sometimes they need to be preped but very seldom do they let me down.
SteveR in Arizona July 29, 2014
CAO Gold Torpedo
"Woody, mild-medium, good taste, bad wrap."
Draw top tight, wrapper tears with literally graze of a short male fingernail, and there is no development other than stronger wood flavor building into final third. Decent, mild, would go good with straight tequila or whiskey IMO.
Alan in East Tennessee June 9, 2014
CAO Gold Robusto
"A nice smoke"
Had this cigar for the first time. A very mild nice burning cigar. No nasty aftertaste after burning all the way down. Will definitely buy more of these reasonable priced sticks
Kevin in St Charles,il March 30, 2014
CAO Gold Karats (5)
"Good Quick Smoke That Relaxs."
I purchased a tin of five just to try a CAO. The first thing that I notice when I started smoking was the draw, it was just great. The taste was smooth and flavorful just right for a quick smoke. I smoked it to the nub without having any peppery tastes. All in all I truly enjoyed the smoke. It s a good little cigar for what it is.
Doug in Mississippi February 3, 2014
CAO Gold Double Corona
"A perfect draw, every time! What a smoke!"
I don t try any of FSS s samplers; I ve found MY cigar! The brand is not as recognizable as most premiums - I kinda like it that way
The Grey Wolf in near Columbus, GA December 26, 2013
CAO Gold Robusto
"Terrible draw, Unsmokeable"
Everything good that could be said about this cigar is immediately overshadowed by the draw. The appearance is great, looks like a solid cigar... but too solid. I knew right away when I had to push with both hands just to cut the tip that I was going to have problems. It's packed WAYYY too tightly, solid tobacco. This makes it almost impossible to smoke; your cheeks will cave in just trying to get a small puff. The flavor is OK but nothing special. I only had two of these sticks and they were both consistent (-ly bad). If I were to say something good about it, the burn was nice and even but all the smoke got caught in the solid wall of tobacco that is this cigar. Definitely do NOT buy this kind, as CAO has several other lines that are pretty good. Didn't even smoke half of it. Once again, IMPOSSIBLE to draw, and over filtering yields poor smoke density. Nothing "gold" about this cigar at all.
Daniel in Dallas, TX July 30, 2013
CAO Gold Robusto
"I don't understand the complaints"
Just smoked one of these and I'm not sure what people are complaining about; It is definitely a mild smoke, as advertised, so no surprises there. There are definitely more flavorful mild-bodied smokes out there, but I was not unimpressed by this one. A near-perfect burn with an easy draw the whole way through, accompanied by a very nutty flavor with mild hints of vanilla progressing through the stick and very creamy smoke; and this was right off the UPS truck! With some time in the humidor I imagine this cigar could stand against most mild-bodied selections. Aside from the sometimes bland flavor profile, the only complaint I have is that it burned rather hot; very warm in my hand the whole time, but nothing severe. All-in-all a recommendable smoke for beginners and a decent introduction to CAO, though by no means indicative of their more complex blends.
A. Smoker in Minnesota July 18, 2013
CAO Gold Corona
"Inconsistent burn and draw"
I've smoked 4-5 boxes of these. I bought the coronas because I really like the Karats but wanted more smoking time. I'm done with these. Yesterday, I threw two away. They burn, draw and taste great til you get about 1/3 through, and they just stop - it's like you hit a wad of asbestos - can't get any smoke and the taste heads south in a big way. The karats are great.
Greg in Idaho July 11, 2013
CAO Gold Robusto
"Not a quality cigar"
I don't consider myself a cigar aficionado, but I do enjoy a good smoke. This cigar, however, does not qualify as a good smoke. I ordered a sampler that included two and wanted to smoke both before reviewing. Both, however, had poor burn, consistency and draw. Also, the flavor of the cigar is not one I find enjoyable. The only pleasant part of the experience was when I finished.
Ken S in Philippines July 7, 2013
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