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CAO Gold Reviews

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CAO Gold Torpedo
"Just right!"
I haven t had a bad CAO Gold yet. Every Gold I have smoked has been some of the very best handmade cigars I ve tried. The Conn wrapper is one of the creamiest and flawless ones I ve ever seen on any cigar. This cigar is a little misleading though. It does have a mildness and creamy taste but under that hood sits a Nicarguan flavor bomb that pumps the nicoteen up a few notches. The aroma is sweet cedar and new leather, with some pepper and spice lightly interlaced. The ash is snow white and will hold for more than 2 inche. This cigar has become one of my favorites! No draw problems ever.
Jack in Texas June 6, 2013
CAO Gold Robusto
"Not the best of CAO"
I like the CAO brand but this one was not the best. No problem with draw or burn but the taste was not very good. I could have gotten a bad one in the batch but smoked about half of the cigar and that was it.
Anthony in California May 25, 2013
CAO Gold Karats (5)
"Good and Simple"
Where these lack in in-your-face flavor, they make up for in pure, robust tobacco flavor. I'd recommend these to anyone who wants the simple tobacco experience in a high-quality short smoke.
PDB December 27, 2012
CAO Gold Robusto
"This smoke defines mild"
I have never had a more mild ,smooth and flawless smoking experience. This smoke defines what mild is in a great cigar.. Way to go CAO!!!
Kevin in Oklahoma August 31, 2012
CAO Gold Double Corona
"all time fave"
tried hundreds mild thru maduro...my all time golf course favorite...lasts for hours and tastes better as it lasts...
dan in mass. August 27, 2012
CAO Gold Robusto
"terrible draw, unsmokeable"
I usually like CAOs and probably have two or three different boxes in my humidor at the same time. These were unsmokeable. The draw was so bad, even after two months that I had to return them which was a hassle too. Famous Smoke's return policy is 30 days so don't wait. Get rid of these ASAP.
Scott in Pittsford, NY August 3, 2012
CAO Gold Double Corona
"Poker Night"
A very good, mild cigar with a nice burn time. Perfect for poker night.
Chuck in Lancaster, PA July 4, 2012
CAO Gold Robusto
"Okay at best..."
The cigar was mild but had no defining characteristic to it. I prefer Baccarat and Gispert, which burned more evenly and had a sweeter taste. The CAO Gold robusto had poor construction especially towards the cap. It came apart a little more than half-way through the smoke.
Chuck in FL July 1, 2012
CAO Gold Robusto
"Difficult Draw"
Unsatisfying draw and flavor. Instead of enjoying it, you just think making your money worth.
Mike in Austin, TX March 2, 2012
CAO Gold Torpedo
"Terrible construction"
Bought a box of these. Have smoked 2 and both wrappers completely disintegrated. Will be returning them.
Michael W in Syracuse, NY January 15, 2012
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