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CAO Gold Reviews

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CAO Gold Perfecto
I'm extremely disappointed by these cigars. They taste alright-not great, but the construction is terrible. Loosely rolled, wrapper either splits or unravels, at which point the cigar becomes useless. Not recommended. Pay a little more for Griffins perfectos.
Stephen in Bronx, NY September 14, 2011
CAO Gold Robusto
First 1/4 average. Second 1/4 ok. Third very uneven burn. Had to burn off uneven part. Last 1/4 burn better, milder and good. Score 1-5 about a 2 1/2. I wouldn't rebuy. There are too many out there much better.
Peter in Virginia Beach July 22, 2011
CAO Gold Perfecto
"Perfecto is a great name for this cigar, this is a"
Perfecto is a great name for this cigar, this is a anytime cigar and the price is Perfecto!
Harold in Miami June 30, 2011
CAO Gold Robusto
"Excellent-one of my favorites!!!"
I smoke other cigars but always manage to work in at least one CAO Gold each week. They are definitely high on my list of very good cigars.
Reggie in Poplarville, MS June 25, 2011
CAO Gold Perfecto
Very nice draw with great flavors, burned a bit quickly.
John Fitzgerald in Massachusetts May 2, 2011
CAO Gold Corona
"okay, not great but okay"
Not a great cigar but good if you have just began smoking. CAO offers better for the same price.
Joe in Vancouver, Wa March 19, 2011
CAO Gold Perfecto
"very poor! wont buy anymore.ill stick with the lx2"
The wrap was loose, the draw was fast and it left an ashy taste. Very disappointing. I'll stick with the LX2 series.
william in round-tree January 12, 2011
CAO Gold Robusto
"Nice mild cigar- good for anytime"
This is a nice mild cigar. Good to keep in the humidor for those odd times, or for the buddy who comes over and is not a regular smoker.
Matthew Wells in Massachusetts November 15, 2010
CAO Gold Robusto
"Disappointed - Bitter and Green"
Being fond of CAO, I was disappointed with these. First cigar had a big swath of green running through the wrapper! And the taste of the cigars matches that greenness. Doesn't taste like the tobacco was aged at all. Too bitter. Burns uneven, as most CAO cigars tend to do. Could have fooled me into thinking this was a $1 bundle cigar.
Stephen Thomas in Grand Prairie, TX November 11, 2010
CAO Gold Corona
"So So"
The CAO Gold Corona is a mild cigar. However, I found the draw very tight. I got tired from trying to take a puff on it. Not much creamy smoke until the last half and the wrapper started falling apart half way through. Somewhat poor construction and I finally gave up on it a bit over half way through. The flavor profile barely changed throughout the cigar. I don't see how these cigars get such a good rating.
Bandy in Midwest November 2, 2010
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