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CAO Gold Corona Reviews [view details]

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"Inconsistent burn and draw"
I've smoked 4-5 boxes of these. I bought the coronas because I really like the Karats but wanted more smoking time. I'm done with these. Yesterday, I threw two away. They burn, draw and taste great til you get about 1/3 through, and they just stop - it's like you hit a wad of asbestos - can't get any smoke and the taste heads south in a big way. The karats are great.
Greg in Idaho July 11, 2013
"okay, not great but okay"
Not a great cigar but good if you have just began smoking. CAO offers better for the same price.
Joe in Vancouver, Wa March 19, 2011
"So So"
The CAO Gold Corona is a mild cigar. However, I found the draw very tight. I got tired from trying to take a puff on it. Not much creamy smoke until the last half and the wrapper started falling apart half way through. Somewhat poor construction and I finally gave up on it a bit over half way through. The flavor profile barely changed throughout the cigar. I don't see how these cigars get such a good rating.
Bandy in Midwest November 2, 2010
"Good but not as good as robusto"
This was a decent cigar, i love the flavor but the corona is not the way to go here. It has a slow draw and is hard to keep lit, i've had the robusto of the gold and it was great, i'm going to stick to that from now on
Andy in Houston January 4, 2010
"Well made consitant flavorful cigar."
Even burn with a mild spicy taste and a touch of pepper. Slow burning smoke with a good draw. A solid 9.5 in my book.
Ron in Eugene, Oregon June 22, 2009
Started out well, but 1/4 way through the pleasant, cedar aroma gave way to a pre-smoked cigar smell. No thanks.
Jordan in Virginia April 29, 2009
"Eh...There are better mild cigars out there..."
My brother and I both tried the Gold Corona, and both of our sticks had terrible draw (our lips were tired after sucking these things for an hour) and the burn started off even but became pretty erratic throughout the smoke. The smoke was very mild and bordered on tasteless. I did not completely dislike it...it was an OK mild cigar...not great. I'll enjoy an Ashton or a Macanudo over the CAO Gold for a good mild smoke.
Bob Y. in Yonkers, NY October 11, 2008
"Can I trust my friends???"
OK... so I kept hearing from my friends that the CAO was a fine smoke... they kept telling me about ratings, which don't always mean much, and that I NEED to try... so I did... all that I can say is... my friends know what they are talking about! This is a GREAT smoke. Quality and class with a rich, smooth flavor. I recommend this one to all!!!
Shawn in Orange County, CA January 20, 2005
Purchased a box of coronas about 2 weeks ago. Not a bad smoking cigar but if you run it under your nose before lighting it has the distinct smell of a horse stall.I had my wife smell an Ashton maduro,Than a Rafeal Gonzalez,a Montecristo, a Montecristo Afrique, than the CAO. She couldn't believe how nasty the CAO was.I have since removed them from my humidor so as not to infect the other cigars. They might want to address this issue.
Tom in Andover August 9, 2004
"An enjoyable smoke"
Going through a box of these cigars will make it clear that you should have bought two boxes as they are a very solid and dependable smoke.
William Krupa in Coopersburg, PA February 17, 2004
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10 Consistency (87) 100
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10 Draw (86) 100
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10 Appearance (91) 100
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10 Taste (86) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (90) 100
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