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"A perfect draw, every time! What a smoke!"
I don t try any of FSS s samplers; I ve found MY cigar! The brand is not as recognizable as most premiums - I kinda like it that way
The Grey Wolf in near Columbus, GA December 26, 2013
"all time fave"
tried hundreds mild thru maduro...my all time golf course favorite...lasts for hours and tastes better as it lasts...
dan in mass. August 27, 2012
"Poker Night"
A very good, mild cigar with a nice burn time. Perfect for poker night.
Chuck in Lancaster, PA July 4, 2012
"My cigar of choice - Consistently perfect draw! A"
The CAO Gold Double Corona (N) is the perfect cigar for me. The Mild:Medium taste will not overwhelm you with richness. Those searching for a stronger cigar will not find this blend satisfactory. CAO has one characteristic that stands heads above all fine cigars - the consistency of a perfect draw is unparalleled and a benchmark that other premium cigar manufacturers all aim for. When I cut the end of my cigar off, even before lighting it, I can count on smoking a magnificent cigar - that about says it all.
Charles in Columbus, GA May 9, 2010
"A mixed experience"
The burn was even the whole way, a very nice feature. The draw was somewhat difficult. Although the cigar wasn't plugged, the draw wasn't easy. The appearance was excellent. The taste was decent for a mild/medium bodied cigar. The construction was not perfect. For the first 3/4 of the cigar, the wrapper was intact but for the last 1/4 the wrapper came completely off. I won't buy this one again.
RD in Atlanta February 1, 2010
"Smooth nice smoke"
Loved the flavor, draw, and length of time you can smoke this cigar. Prepare to spend some time playing bacci with this one.
Humidude in Brooklyn August 8, 2009
"~ Perfect Smoke ~"
Solid wrapper, with a very mild flavor. Overall a 10 !
Matthew in Chicago February 22, 2009
"On the Mild Side"
Nice even burn but the flavor was a bit too mild for my taste.
H-Foos in Orange County, CA January 27, 2009
Best draw and burn of cigars I've tried lately. A little too mild for me, but not that bad either. Burns even and construction is very good.
Harley in KS March 2, 2008
"You can't beat this for a mild"
I will buy these in 5 packs to avoid excess smoking, if I bought a box they would be gone in a week. This is the best mild cigar I have had.
Reg in Florida September 2, 2007
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10 Taste (92) 100
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10 Construction (90) 100
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