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CAO Gold Maduro Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"really nice maduro, great value"
Won six of these in an auction and they all have been great. The flavor has notes of espresso, spice, some hints of dark chocolate. I have had smooth draws on all of them, very nice to smoke. If your looking for a good dark smoke, you cant go wrong here
Chris in Maryland May 18, 2010
"Surprisingly good cigar for this price"
I bought this stick at my local cigar shop for testing. Did not expect it to be SO good. I almost burned my fingers smoking it down to the nub. The draw was a little tight and burn was uneven at the beginning but it fixed itself after the first half. Taste was great though, rich and mellow but never overpowering. I will buy this cigar again as a good everyday alternative to Padron and Arturo Fuente which I reserve for special occasions.
GF in Moscow January 22, 2010
"Nice chocolate coffee"
There are dark semi sweet chocolate and coffee notes to the flavor. The burn had to be managed a few times, but that is why we carry lighters. I enjoyed all three of these that I had won on auction. The humidor did help to enhance the experience. I noticed that they got smoother each time. I will probably buy a larger ring size in this maduro cigar just to get that much more of the flavor. A 56 to 60 ring would be fantastic if they made it. Did you hear me CAO?
Big-T in reading, ma November 18, 2009
"The bad draw ruined the cigar"
The last third was great, but the first two-thirds wore me out trying to get any smoke out or it. I've tried 2 from the 5 pack and both were exactly the same. The taste was great but the bad draw ruined the experience.
Brad in Chester, Va October 16, 2009
"cao bad draw"
why do u need a vacuum cleaner to draw on cao-gold maduro and cao brazilan and cao italiano?
ray in staten island,new york April 6, 2009
"great cao"
First third was a hard draw, and pretty good taste. When I got into the 2nd third, the draw and ash straightened out, and the spice kicked in. I also started getting notes of espresso on the finish. This baby kept getting better as I got into the final third with heavy spice and espresso...I even got some dark chocolate notes. I smoked it to the nub and it was impressively smooth. I give it an 8.5.
J.T. in Freeport July 15, 2008
"Must Try Another..."
What a wonderful medium bodied smoke. The wrapper is slightly spicy but within one exhale through the nose it is replaced each time by a creamy, smooth almost coating of the mouth. This cigar is joy to smoke. If your looking for something a little lighter try the CAO Gold not the Maduro. It is the one with the lighter wrapper. Both are great smokes and should both be tried.
Matt in Burlington, KY February 29, 2008
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