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CAO Gold Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Extremely mild, yet tasty."
Though I hate to relight a cigar, the Gold was the first of the CAO's that I had no problem in doing so. With one cigar, I happened to have relit it 4 times, since I got side-tracked several times. But to my astonishment, the taste was the same even after the fourth light!...No nasty after taste! Way to go CAO!
Henry in Oak Forest August 19, 2008
"Like Smoking Cardboard"
I hate everything about this cigar. There are much better mild cigars, like Oliva Serie G.
Cheyenne in Boston June 4, 2008
"Ultra Smooth..."
A very well constructed cigar. The cigar is not hard at all, in fact I have yet to find a hard spot on one yet. I would consider this a mild cigar without any bite. It is sweet/creamy with a very pleasing aroma. One of my go to cigars when I don't know exactly what I want to smoke. I can't get enough... A must try.
Matt in Burlington, KY February 29, 2008
"Nice mellower, but TASTY smoke!"
This is a nice cedary smoke that mellows to a mild vanilla, I usually never smoke milder cigars as that I am a fan of very BIG BOLD maduros that make you see stars, but I liked this cigar ALOT! So much that I bought a box. Great all round cigar, meaning for seasoned smokers that want a mellower smoke for a change or for a beginner. Milder but tasty!
Ari B in Monsey, N.Y. June 6, 2007
I love all the other CAO lines however the Gold Robusto was a disappointment. The flavor was very smooth but the draw was so tight I had to toss about half of them. My review is based on two boxes so I know it wasn't a fluke. I'll continue smoking the Brazilias and Criollos but no more Golds for me.
Managuamark in San Antonio September 6, 2006
"Great !!"
Great draw. Great flavor. Slow even burn. Great cigar!
Thomas Cosden in Maryland December 7, 2005
"A Great Cigar"
This cigar has a great taste and smell. The one I had was a bit tight with the draw but it may have been just a bad stick. I have smoked the torpedos with no problem and someone gave me this robusto so it may have been stored improperly. CAO GOLDS are top notch! Mild yet flavorable and have a great scent.
Bill in Connecticut January 6, 2005
"Great Cigar at a great price"
I bought a CAO Gold while on vacation in San Diego this summer and found it to be a very very flavorfull yet medium to mild smoke. I have since purchased a box of them and they have become my regular favorite. I highly recommend.
Rick in St. Louis Missouri December 5, 2004
"Smoooth and Creamy"
The CAO Gold Robusto is an excellent cigar. It has a cool burn and is smooth and creamy. It is a mild cigar, and I really like this cigar.
Steve White in Canyon Lake, TX August 7, 2004
"Excellent Smoke !!!"
Got this cigar in the Famous XV Sampler. Good construction, even burn, perfect draw. First inch is rather mellow and mild with hint of cream, then burst into life with some medium peppery spice. (excellent) and this continues till the end. Overall an excellent smoke. CAO never disappoints.
Bruce K. T. Lee in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia May 14, 2004
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