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"Woody, mild-medium, good taste, bad wrap."
Draw top tight, wrapper tears with literally graze of a short male fingernail, and there is no development other than stronger wood flavor building into final third. Decent, mild, would go good with straight tequila or whiskey IMO.
Alan in East Tennessee June 9, 2014
"Just right!"
I haven t had a bad CAO Gold yet. Every Gold I have smoked has been some of the very best handmade cigars I ve tried. The Conn wrapper is one of the creamiest and flawless ones I ve ever seen on any cigar. This cigar is a little misleading though. It does have a mildness and creamy taste but under that hood sits a Nicarguan flavor bomb that pumps the nicoteen up a few notches. The aroma is sweet cedar and new leather, with some pepper and spice lightly interlaced. The ash is snow white and will hold for more than 2 inche. This cigar has become one of my favorites! No draw problems ever.
Jack in Texas June 6, 2013
"Terrible construction"
Bought a box of these. Have smoked 2 and both wrappers completely disintegrated. Will be returning them.
Michael W in Syracuse, NY January 15, 2012
"plugged !!"
These cigars are all plugged. I smoked 3 so far and every one had a horrible draw due to a plug. Maybe more time in the humidor is ok but I didnt like these at all ..
sil in NY July 21, 2008
"Another excellent cigar from cao"
If you like mild cigars these folks make the very best. This one is a great smoke, good flavor, good draw, and great aroma. This is a good 30 minutes cigar. If you want a longer smoke try the double gold corona.
Reg in Florida October 13, 2007
"CAO Gold Torpedo scores a hit"
Got my order today. Fired up the CAO Torpedo first. Initially a papery dry light up, lots of volume, great draw. After about 5 minutes the smoke became increasingly pleasant. Very creamy subtle flavors a true fogbank of smoke. Down to the nubbin's good smooth tasty torpedo. CAO Torpedo scores a direct hit!
Steve in Columbia MD September 19, 2007
"Not too Bad"
This Cigar is not too bad. Did finish a little "ashy" but most cigars leave me that way. Burned well, actually really well, not many that I had to relight. However I did find myself starting but not finishing quite a few.
Paul G in Colorado July 16, 2007
"Great breakfast cigar"
CAO you've done it again!! The first thing you notice about the CAO line is the construction. The burn is consistant throuought and the draw is perfect due to that fact. This particular cigar has notes of cedar and a faint vanilla smell. Great cigar for newbies or for that first gar of the day.
John in Easton Pa January 29, 2007
"CAO GOLD Torpedo"
CAO is a solid cigar. Taste, construction, appearance, aroma, burn, draw. Did I say value! I also received the 5 pack sampler and the Brazilia is amazing! Even the mild to medium guys will love this fog machine. Great taste! What I have found in choosing the CAO line is consistency and value. The company focus is on an affordable up market cigar that is a pleasure everytime you smoke one. I would recommend the Gold to a new or experienced cigar smoker.
Mark Kyser in Michigan February 8, 2006
I have puchased a single CAO Gold torpedo upon reading many comments that have convinced me. Much to my suprise and frankly, I was disappionted. Though it seemed true, that it is a finely made cigar with a rich, creamy and dankless aftertaste, but i found the draw to be quite... "plugged" and had to make an effort to get a good drag. On top of that, the wrapper started to crumble all at once to where I got flakes on my teeth. Perhaps this one was defected and after all, not all cigars are created equal even when they are from the same box. this one was unrefined.
Dave in San Antonio TX January 11, 2004
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