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CAO Italia Ciao Reviews [view details]

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I really really wantd to like this smoke it's a good looking stick I like the italian flag colors but of three that I had smoked they burned really uneven. I got them from different locations and they burned the same. Like I said I really want to like this smoke I will try another before I give up on them.
Joe in Long Island NY December 28, 2006
"Love this smoke"
My wife picked this out for me and I burned it on a recent cruise. It started out a little harsh on the initial light, but then settled down to a smoooooth, full-bodied smoke. My only complaint - I wish it was 7 inches instead of 5. :-)
Jim in Chicago October 15, 2006
"Good, but powerful."
Another great smoke from CAO. Very full flavored with hints of spice. Good with a nice strong cup of coffee. The cigar does leave a strong aftertaste that will be with you for a while, and it's strong enough that you probably don't want to smoke it on an empty stomach. Overall, a great buy for CAO and full flavor cigar lovers.
Jason in Ohio October 11, 2005
"Another Great One By CAO"
Well CAO did it again. It was sweet with a touch of spice. It burned great as I expected and it made me forget about my bad day! I can't wait to see what they come out with next
Kevin in Boston MA April 25, 2005
"Very Good Cigar"
I've smoked about half a dozen of the Italia. They remind me a lot of the CAO Brazilia, only spicier. My wife doesn't like the smell; she calls it an "outdoors cigar." I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who enjoys Brazilia.
Tom Jeffrey in Fords, NJ January 29, 2005
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