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CAO Italia Reviews

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CAO Italia Ciao
"Love This Stick"
Great cigar, I smoke a lot of Rocky's and perdomos. For the price you can't go wrong. Great everyday smoke. Holds it's ash well and nice draw.
Martin in Toronto, Canada November 24, 2014
CAO Italia Ciao
"great full bodied cigar w/ excellent draw"
Received this cigar as part of a sampler. Burns very well, holds an ash, and great taste. Heve been buying boxes ever since and very pleased with consistency of smoke.
Jerry in South Lyon, mi April 16, 2014
CAO Italia Piazza
"Great disappointment!"
Ordered two and both resulted with a very bad draw! Almost no smoke,no flavor! Don't know about other Cao cigars,but the italia is a big Fail..!
Carlos in Dominican Republic April 22, 2013
CAO Italia Ciao
"Not bad"
Great taste but hurt my cheeks because of how packed it was.
Sawyer in Wisconsin April 15, 2013
CAO Italia Ciao
"Blech Tea Maybe"
I've recently gotten back into cigars after a few years hiatus and have been amazed at the number of very good to great cigars I've experienced but this is not one of them. For reference my current favs are Brazilia Gol, Carlos Torano Signature and Virtuoso, My Father Le Bijou. This smoke was bad. Overwhelming astringent black tea and nothing else. I gave it 35 minutes to change my mind and I wish I had that time back. It had been in the humidor at 65% in my "on deck" circle for 30 days. Thank goodness this was in a sampler pack and not quantity.
Joe in Indy March 31, 2013
CAO Italia Ciao
"Unique Taste of Black Tea"
I have had these in several other sizes as well and the taste of black tea leaves comes out in all of them. A nice and easy to smoke medium cigar. It's very light on pepper so would probably disappoint you if that's your thing. They're well made and I've had no burn problems over a dozen or so of these.
PAG in Pennsylvania October 16, 2012
CAO Italia Ciao
"Wow! Been Waiting A Long Time for This!"
This was an awesome stick from start to finish. Great flavor, good burn, good draw & gave me about 1.5 hours of pure enjoyment! Those who don't like it don't enjoy a fine cigar.
Timbo in Midwest June 5, 2012
CAO Italia Ciao
"boring ass General brand cigar..."
I was pretty disappointed with this CAO...I hope this cigar used to be made well because the reviews don't describe what i smoked...It was an ultimately boring ass creamy, sweet smoke, at most medium bodied...Nothing complex in the least bit...bored down to the nub...As boring as most fuente's to me...To each their own, but I'm definitely a more maduro, Padron oily, leathery, spicy cigar fan...if you liked mild bodied cigars though, than like what you like and don't let anyone change that...construction, burn, draw all flawless just not shit for taste...cheers
jon in columbus, oh March 7, 2012
CAO Italia Largo
"Really Unexpectedly Nice"
Usually the vblacker the better; but bought one of these to fill out a 5 for 4 create-a-sampler, and now find myself buying another such sampler just to get a couple more to smoke before going box. 3 weeks in the humidor; and a fine smoke indeed.
Barak in The Sunny Side of the Street February 14, 2012
CAO Italia Gondola
"The Italia will always have a place in my humidor"
With a beautiful band and gorgeous oily wrapper the Italia always proves its versatility. While on its own it is a nice med-full bodied smoke, it seems to be lacking something. Pair this with a good lager, single malt, or cup of coffee it really shines. The Italia has a smooth, rich, leathery smelling smoke with a slight apple finish. I've had some burn problems with these. They probably need to age more, but they never seem to last in the humi. My favorite of the CAOs.
John in Columbia SC April 7, 2011
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